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Holiday To Be Never Forget.

“Thanks Miranda, we are going tomorrow on holiday and you break your wrist!” Kim grumbles.
“Whaha, don't worry. I’m not planning to ruin this holiday!” answers Miranda.
“Yes you can say that, but I’m the one that has to set up the tent.” Kim grumbles still.
“Kimmie, I will find some nice guys who want to help you.” Laughs Miranda.
“I will go to sleep now, because I have to drive tomorrow!” Answer Kim and throws the horn on the hook.

The next day....
After 3 hours drive, Kim and Miranda arrive on the camp-site. When they have found their spot collapses courage Kim entirely. It’s just a little field with 4 caravans’ and one large tent. For the caravans only older people sit. Miranda sees Kim's response and laugh.
“That old man helps you set up the tent!”
The girls step out of the car, wave pleasantly to other people. After one hour the tent still doesn’t stand. The girls decided to take a little break.
“I wonder what kind of people belongs to that tent.” Say Miranda, pointing her finger to the only other tent on the field.
“Probably a huge family with small kids!” Kim says.
“Or another old couple, verify that wind screen what they have stand there! I think that they are afraid of getting a cold.” Miranda continues.
The girls laugh and decided to go on set up the tent.

Same moment behind that wind screen…
“Whose idea was it to go on this trip?” Abs wonders aloud.
“Yes good question, that becomes sociably with those old people!” Mumbled Scott.
“I’ve still hope on that empty spot on the other side of the field.” Abs says.
"I hope so to." say Scott not interesting and continue.
"I go to the bathroom."
Scott stands up and walks away for the tent.
2 Minutes later....
“Joh Abs, this holiday will turned out great.” Scott shouts into the tent.
Abs look at Scott very surprised. Scott point out at the other side of the field. Abs stands up and sees 2 girls trying to set up there tent but it seems that they can use some help.

Kim tries to set up the tent; Miranda helps her as much as possible. Not much later the tent stands…. Well they think.
"So finally done." Kim says but than the tent collapses. Behind her she hears loud laughing of 2 boys. The 2 boys approach.
“Need some help, ladies?” Scott asks still laughing.
"Gladly." Miranda says and smiles to the boy with the spikes.
Scott intrudes himself, Abs follow.
“You will sit down, you get a curses ‘set up a tent’.” say Abs.
Miranda and Kim sat down and the boys started to set up the tent.
“I told you that I will find some nice boys to help us?” Miranda says. The girls laugh. In no time the tent stands.
Miranda asks Scott and Abs if they wanted to have a drink. They answer both yes.
They have that afternoon very fun.
“Are you two alone here or with more people?” Question’s Miranda to Scott while she gives him another drink.
“No, only us. You two are also alone, right? So hope we can spend some time together.” Abs says while he looks tightly in to Kim’s eyes. The only Kim did was look tightly back. She didn’t answer back. She only shakes her head.
Later that afternoon, Scott and Abs decided to go back to.

“They were nice he?” Kim says when the boys run to there tent and Miranda goes into the tent to get something.
“Yes, especially the one with the cap, he Kim??”
“What? But he is for me! You saw how he looked at to my.” Miranda gave her a tissue, for dribbling, to Kim. Kim throws that back at Miranda.
“But according to me you find Scott quite nice.”
“Yes, he is nice.” Kim and Miranda are going to making dinner.

In the tent of the boys.
“Abs? Abs?? Hello earth… Are you still alive?” Scott started to beat Abs on the arm a bit.
“What?” Abs shout’s at Scott.
“According to me, Mr. Breen is a little bit in love. Kim was her name right?”
“Yes. She has such beautiful eyes.”
“I find Miranda sweet.” Scott and Abs talk about there afternoon with the girls.

Kim and Miranda were drinking rosé and had a nice chat until two boys come walking to them. Ronan and Stephan were there names. They girls met them when they were checking in. They though that they were gay. They walked up to the girls. Kim said against them that they had leave.
But they sat with them on the lawn. Not much later, Abs and Scott came. Scott stud behind Miranda with his hands on here shoulders, same Abs by Kim.
"Is there a problem, ladies?" Scott looked at the other guys. Ronan and Stephan did not know how fast they had to run.
"Thank you." Whisper Miranda to Scott when the boys left. Scott smiled.
"Say ladies, we want to go out for a bite, sense to go along?" Abs asks.
Miranda and Kim nods and the set of four leave direction the restaurant of the camp-site. During eating they learn each other a little bit better.
After dinner they decided to go out for a drink.

Around 10 PM, Miranda and Kim stand at Scott and Abs there tent.
"Miran, you must help me! I don't know what to wear." Scott said.
Miranda laughs and enters the tent.
"You seem a little girl!" She says. Scott pushes Miranda against the ground and tickles her.
"Guy's, look!" Kim screams into the tent.
Abs came out of the tent. Kim indicates up, Abs see that there a dark cloud rocky-hard their side comes closed down.
"Wow!" Abs say astonished.
"I have never seen something like that!" Kim says. Then there an old lady walks over, the neighbor of Abs and Scott, she starts tell.
"I have rather seen something like that, if he becomes green, than you have to worry big time!”
At that moment the cloud becomes green and starts it rocky-hard blow, Abs and Kim falls through the tent of Scott and Abs. Then it starts pour rocky-hard.
Miranda and Scott do not know what was going on. Kim tells them what she saw. That moment there was a wind puff what the tent of Scott and Abs almost acquired to collapse.
"Our tent!!!" Miranda says.
"We must to the other side!"
Kim and Miranda wanted to get out of the tent but Abs stops them.
"It is too dangerous!" Abs said.
Kim is stabber and slithers strings open and runs to the other side. Miranda wants follow her but Abs pulls her back.
"I will go!" And also Abs was gone.
Kim had fallen down on the way to her tent. Abs didn't saw it first but then there was lighting. Abs helped Kim intact and together they run further to the tent of Kim and Miranda.
In both tents to catch was hung there. Abs and Kim were socked wet. Both sat shiver them of heat.
"I think that I will have a cold tomorrow." Kim says. Abs laughs.
"I think me also"
"I still have bottle rum... to become warm again?" Said Kim.
Abs nods.
"Seems a good idea.” Kim tries to grape the bottle while Abs holds the tent up.

In the mean time in the tent of Abs and Scott's tent, where Miranda and Scott still sitting.
"I’m curious about Kim and Abs." Scott said.
"Yes me to, but they will amuse them self permanently." said Miranda.
Then it flashes complete terrible and follows a hard detonation there.
"Scott, I am frightened!" Scott draws Miranda to him. Miranda lays her head on the shoulder of Scott.
"There is nothing going to happen. This tent is way too large. I am rather frightened for Kim and Abs. Your tent is smaller." Miranda didn't try to think of that. She lies nice in the firm poor of Scott. Not much later fall they in sleep.

In the tent where Kim and Abs sit it was very sociable. Kim has, however, foolish pain in its knee. But that rum does wonders against that. Kim told to Abs how she knows Miranda and also Abs told how he met Scott.
"Hé, I think that Miranda has a little thing for Scott." Kim starts.
"Scott has also a little crush on her, well I think that." Abs looks at Kim with smile.
"We will set them up than but something else, Kim." Abs took a closer seat to Kim.
"You are cold aren't you?" Kim shivered all night.
Kim nodded with her head yes. Abs putts his arms around Kim and rubs her back.
And also they were rapidly in sleep.

Miranda became the next morning awake because Scott stroke his hand thru her hair.
"Hey." say them gently and smile.
Scott looks at Miranda deeply in its eyes. They continue lay a completely time.
If Kim becomes awake, she sees already fast that she lies still in the poor of Abs. If she turns around to him she sees that Abs still asleep. Then lays her arm around Abs waist and lays her head on shoulder of Abs. When Abs noticed this he pushes Kim firmly against him. Kim looks into his eyes.
“Good morning.” Abs said when he slowly opens his eyes.
“Good morning. This is a nice way to wake up, right? “Kim lays down its head.
Much later they hear Scott and Miranda walked to there tent. Miranda comes in.
“You had a good night I see.” She indicates rum to the bottle. Kim and Abs laugh. Then Scott came into the tent.
“Wow Abssie.. You enjoyed yourself?” Abs gave smile to him. Kim and Abs sat up when Miranda and Scott left the tent.
“It can storm anytime again.” Kim says when as she looks into the eyes of Abs. Not much later he answers.
“Your right about that.” Before Kim knew it, she felt the touch of gentle lips of Abs kissing her lips. As Abs looks into her eyes they both laugh. Abs made his way out of the tent and ran to its own tent. Kim catches some new clothes and runs to the showers.

At the showers she encounters Miranda which still waiting for a free shower.
“He Kim!” she says lively. Kim greets.
“How was your night?” Kim asks. Miranda started laugh.
“Just like any other night, but then more safely with Scott for me gone.” Miranda starts to talk. When I woke up, Scott was stroking my hair. He looked at me and we lay for long time. “Kim laughs if she hears Miranda talk.
“And how was your night?”
“Wet, cold but very sociable. It can rain more often.” Answer Kim with large smile on its face. At that moment there was someone coming out of a shower. Miranda goes. Not much later another one leaves. Kim goes in. The girls are nearly at the same time ready.
Also the boys decided to shower, after they had told each other about their night.
When the girls walk out of the showers they run into Ronan and Stephan.
“Hello ladies, what to go out with us today?” says the blonde gives birth. Kim rolls with its eyes and Miranda sigh deeply. The girl passed them and ignore the 2 boys.

“Ladies, want to go with us swimming? “ Abs asks when he and Scott walked along to the tent of Miranda and Kim.
“Seems like fun to me.” Answer Kim immediately.
“Euhm....I can’t come with you remember he?” Miranda says, waving her hand.
“We can also lay down in the sun? Answer Scott.
“Thru." Miranda says.

After breakfast the four went of to the beach. They lay their towels down and Abs start to chase Kim to go along in water. Those two run to the water.
Scott remains at Miranda.
"Thank you for staying her with me at me," She says.
"You more than welcome." Answer Scott. Scott looks deeply into her eyes.
“What would you do if I would kiss you right now?” Scott asks totally unexpected. Miranda knows what to do now. Her head came closer to Scott’s and she looks deeply into his eyes. There lips meet for the first time. The kiss is disturbed by a scream of Kim. She runs to Scott and Miranda who were kissing. Abs was chasing her again.
“What??” Scott snarls angry against Kim.
“Sorry Scott. But Abs is malicious.” At same the moment, Abs graphed Kim by her waist and lift her up wan walked to the water. Kim dribbles against but she must laugh.
“Does she do that more often?” Scott asks as a Kim and Abs walked off.
“What?” Miranda asks while she looks into the eyes of Scott.
“Never mind.” Scott bends forward and ensures now that their lips touch each other again.
This time they are not disturbed by someone.

In water Kim and Abs have big fun. They make each other wet and push each other under water. Then Ronan swim to them.
“You two seem like having fun.” Abs and Kim look at Ronan and then back to each other.
Kim came closer to Abs and gave him a big kiss on the mouth. Abs kissed her back. After a minute the noticed that was Ronan gone. They look at each other while they hold each other still firmly.
“Was that real of was it only a kiss to get rid of the guy?” Kim starts laugh.
“What thinks you yourself?” But Kim gives him malicious smiles not for long. Abs kissed Kim.

They run to the side where they find Miranda and Scott. Each other poor kissed.
Kim and Abs start laugh. Miranda and Scott are surprised. They must there himself also to laugh. Then tell Abs and Kim that they also kissed.
“Well remember what I told you yesterday in the tent.” Scott says looked at Miranda.
After a nice afternoon they decided to go back to there tents. They graphed there things ad walked away.

That evening Scott asks Miranda out for a nice dinner for just the two of them.
While Miranda was getting herself ready, Kim was sitting outside with something to drink and a good book.
“Miranda, are you ready? Scott is walking this way.” Kim yelled into the tent.
“Yes. He shit!” Kim heard from inside the tent.
“Everything Ok inside?” Scott yelled after he had greeted Kim. Miranda walked outside. She made fake smiles to Kim and embraced Scott. Together they left the area, direction the bus stop, nearby the camp-site.
Miranda and Scott have a sociable dinner together.

Kim found it sad that she had not yet seen Abs after 2 hours. She decided take the initiative and walked to his tent.
Abs was playing with his self phone.
“He Girl!” He says when he saw her. Kim greets his back with a kiss on his lips.
“I thought, Miranda and Scott have a sociable evening, so why not is too?” Kim started. Abs voted. Together they ate what and decided afterwards to go to the beach. There they will lie in the sand under the beautiful sky.
“This evening would be perfectly with a bottle wine and some cheese.” Abs said.
“Am I not perfectly enough for your?” Kim asked disappointed with a sarcastic tone. Abs bent over to Kim and whispered something in her ear.
"You are my ‘miss perfect’." After he said that he gave Kim a big French kiss.

After eating Scott Miranda take along to the cinema. They didn’t see terrible much of the film. When the movie ended they decided to stay there for a while. At a given moment, someone comes into the cinema room.
“You enjoyed the movie?” The boy says. Miranda and Scott both nod.
“You can, if you want, watch the movie again. There are not going to coming many people.” Scott and Miranda like that idea and watch it again. This time they did saw the movie.
At the end of the movie Miranda realize that she didn’t check when the last bus would leave to the camp-site. When Scott and Miranda arrive at the bus stop they saw that they had to wait for 30 minutes when the last bus leaves. They didn’t mind to wait 30 minutes. They make them self convertible next to the bus stop.

The next morning Kim and Abs noticed that they felt asleep on the beach. They decided to go back to their tents. When Kim opens the tent, she saw that Miranda was not lying in there. Kim looks at Abs.
"There in you tent." Abs laughs.
“Want to make them awake?” Kim agrees.
They walk to the tent where they think Scott and Miranda are sleeping. When Abs opens the tent he is surprised to see that Miranda was not there.
“What the f*ck?” He says still sleepy. Abs look at Kim astonished and look at afterwards to Scott.
“Where is Miranda?” He asks Scott. Scott answer that she simply is sleeping her tent.
“Did you look good?” Abs asks to Kim. Kim nods what uncertainly, she walks back.
To her fright she sees, after to opens the tent that her best friend is not there and also her stuff are gone to. Kim runs back.
“She is gone and her stuff to.”
“Gone? What, how, why?” Scott sit right up to in his sleeping bag.
“Why did she left. What happened between you two last night?”
“Nothing, well yes, we have kissed and had a great time.”
“Now what?” Kim says in panic.
“Sst we will find her.” Abs said while they walked out of the tent. Not much later Scott walked out.
“Kim, did she also toke her sell phone with her?” Abs asked.
“Not sure I just look quick and saw that most of her stuff were gone. I will look again. Maybe she left a note ore something.” The three walked over the other site of the field.
Kim went back into the tent and looked around. She saw the keys to the car. Beneath them she saw a little note. She caught the note and ran to the boys. The boys sat on some stairs that were standing there. They were surprised to see Kim walked outside with a note. Kim sat down on arms legs. Abs hugged her firmly against him. She started to read out loud.
“Hi girl, sorry that I let you scare like this. Well you know now that I’m gone. I’m not gone because of you or Scott or Abs. I’m taking the bus and train. If you want to call me go ahead, or maybe you already did that.
Will you please tell Scott that I’m so sorry but I have the best time ever last night? Thank you. Bye me.”
Kim gave the note to Scott.
“Why is she doing this?” Abs said. Kim shook its head.
“You know that Scott? Here is my phone and this is her number. You should call her.”
“No you are its best girlfriend. Who am I?” Scott walked away but Kim stopped him.
“No Scott, perhaps that you can change her idea.” Scott graphed the phone and walked away.
Kim walked back to Abs and sat down. She heard what Scott said to Miranda.
“Miranda... Scott here...How are you...Yes every thing is going great we just thinking about where you got be and why you left. Where are you?” Much later they all hear ‘here’. They looked at all three to the entrance of the field. Miranda stood there. Scott ran over to her. He lifted her up and Miranda holds Scott tight. Kim and Abs saw that they were talking to each other. Together they walked back hand in hand to Abs and Kim.
“Gosh don’t you ever scare me like that again ok? Why did you left?” Kim embraced Miranda.
“Sorry Kim. I still don’t know why I left.” She looked at Scott.
“What did you just said to Scott?” Kim asked curiously.
"That I was sorry." Miranda answered.
“Okay. Now tell me why you left.” Kim kept asking. Scott and Abs leave them alone so the girls could talk.

Miranda looked at Kim, took a mouthful breathe and wanted to tell the truth but just couldn’t.
"I just don’t know"
“Bullshit Miran, I simply see that there is something wrong!”
“Okay okay, last night when Scott and I were back Lars called me. He told me how deep he was with his feelings and told me how much he could use me as a friend. So I packed my stuff. I was waiting for my train and I was needed something to drink, than I saw something.”
“Something?” Kim asked
“Yes, I was in a store and looked at some magazine. I saw two well known faces. Abs and Scott.
“Miran, what is you point?” Kim asked.
“Scott and Abs are in a boy band 5ive!!” It almost shouted Miranda from.
"Oww" Kim didn’t know what to say.
“Is that the reason why you came back?” Continued Miranda who gave the magazine.

“So now finally you know who we are.” Scott and Abs were walking to the girls.

“Yes, but why haven't you rather told that us? “Kim toke a bag that Abs was caring. “Well, we have experience that if we tell our girl that we are ‘famous’ they only want us for the fame and money. We really like you and we wanted that you should like us for us.” Abs explained.
“But Miran, why did you left?” Scott reacted. Miranda graphed his hand. And Kim graphed Abs hand.
“Abs, want to come with me? Then we leave Scott and Miranda alone. I tell you the story.” Miranda made smile to her.
Scott and Miranda took a sit.
“Okee I will tell you everything. Last night when we were back my sell phone rang. It was my ex, Lars. We broke up one week before I went on this holiday. Lars told me how much he missed me and he need a really good friend like I am. So I packed my bags with my stupid head and walked out.
“Ok, but…”
“Scott wait, let me explain, please. When I was in the store holding that magazine I was thinking about our time that we had. It’s 100 times better that the time I spend with Lars. We have been together for 1 one year. We spend a small week together, Scott, and we have more in common that Lars and I have. So I called Lars and told him that I couldn’t come. He was Ok with it and when I hung up and took the train back. I can understand if you mad at me.” Miranda frowned away of Scott. Scott gripped her chin softly.
“No, I am not angry. You did scare me. I though it was my fault. Though I did something wrong last night.”
Miranda and Scott looked deeply into each other eyes. Not much later there lips met.

In between time at Kim and Abs.
“Scott most be angry when he heard about this.” Was the response of Abs when Kim told him everything.
“I don’t know yet. Scott is quite crazy about her I have seen that.” Kim reacted. Abs walked with his bowed head down to the ground.
“But Kim, what happens now with us? I mean you now know who I am.” Abs told.
“Yes, I do know who you are now but nothing changes for me. I still like you very much. You still funny and you still sweet to me. But you could have told me.” Kim graphed Abs hand.
“You have no idea how much that means to me. I’m sorry that I haven’t told you before.” Kim starts tickle Abs. He runs to the beach. Kim ran after him. Abs was hiding behind a tree and when Kim past him, he lifted her up and walked to the water. Just before the water Abs let Kim down.
“Now what?” Abs bent forward to Kim trying to kiss her.
“You not going to move you head now, do you?” Kim stepped closer to Abs. Now he felt her lips meeting his.

Later Scott and Miranda came to the beach. They saw Kim and Abs lying in each other arms.
“Hello.” Called Scott and Miranda at the same time. Kim and Abs opened their eyes but not moving a inch.
“You talked everything out?” Kim asked while she moved.
“Did you have to do that? Now I’m not lying nicely anymore.” Abs pulls Kim firmly closer to him
“Yes, everything is ok now. Right Miranda?” Scott looked at her. Miranda nodded.
“And same between you two?” Miranda said.
“No, Kim moved.” Abs made smile. Kim sat up strait.

That holiday had ended at the end of the week. Kim and Miranda had to home because of school and work. And the boys had also had to go on tour. They decided to see each other as much as possible…