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You never know

At last a day free! I thought, until I woke up at 7 AM because my phone rang. Firstly I wanted to be mad at the person on the other hand of the line but then I saw who rang changed that. It was my boyfriend, my everything! He told me that he would come home today and that he would take me to a restaurant in the neighborhood. Also he said that he had a major surprise for me. I immediately stood up. I though of what the major surprise would be for an hour or 3. I decided to look into my closet.
I wanted to look ordinary nicely; special and sexy. I found the dark blue glowing terrible sexy dress that I was wearing with last New Year’s party.
The time flew beyond and for I knew it, it 7 PM and I had to go. Not much later I arrived at the restaurant. My dear was waiting already. We entered it and got a nice, romantic spot somewhere in the back. Dinner was delicious! After the head court he obtained what from his pocket. It was small box. At that moment I knew simply that he will ask me the big question and not much later, the words from his mouth where as he opened the box. Do you do want to marry with me? For you get the answer, I will explain how me meet.

4 years earlier.
Sunnydale high. The most popular school in London. The school was divides in several groups. You had the "skaters"; "nerds"; "weed smokers"; "groupies"; "wannabes" and the cheerleaders, the group where I belonged to

Me and my 2 best girlfriends Kim and Devon had no permanently spot. We always walked away by the complete school and on times that we did not walk around we let us be practice busy in the gym or in the bathroom to get our make done.

* meet me *
Name: Megan Edmunds
Nickname: Olijfje
Age: 18 years
Status: single, of the three "cheerleaders"
At the latest: Long brown hair, blue eyes.
Style of close: Trendy.

When we had our school break, you could find us in the hallway of the school. Everyone was surprised against us and went on the side if we approached. Our aim in the pauses was collect always as many gossips as possible and spread. We had nearly coined always on the "skaters". Three an obstinate group existing boys: Scott, Abs and Matt.

*meet him *
Name: Scott Robinson
Nickname: Spider
Age: 18 years
Status: single, LEADER "skaters"
At the latest: Spiky black hair, blue eyes.
Style of close: into skating.

We could make each other life sick. Like I did one time at Scott, I exchanged his deodorant for toilet spray. The fragrance continued sum on to hang and everyone walked away with an arc for him. Hair also is his him holy thing about him, so i decided to cut a mouthful from his hair. Kim participated always sociable with me. She had especially coined it on Abs. Kim had heard by means of gossip paces that Abs had an eye on her. She came with the brilliant plan to seduce Abs. She asked Abs out on a date. But Kim never showed up. Well... Kim and I stood somewhere hidden at their agreed spot, to see if he really came. And he did. The next day we spread the gossip concerning Abs is turned down.
But the boys had to also catch us considerably. Scott did chewing-gum in my hair. I became hysterically and had cut my hair short. Kim here body lotion is exchanged for cheap wrong browning stuff that you putt on to have a nice tan. Abs did that to her. She has run weeks with an extreme brown tan. At Devon became in fact never what removed. And we obtained also never what at Matt. Devon always protected Matt. Eventual the two already were seeing each other for a while.

The nagging change then we halfway the last year when we got a task got to forma fictitious family with all problems and work. Kim and I saw it already entirely, the perfect family with our own chosen partner. But the teacher obtained our rapidly from this dream, he would make couples. And to excess of calamity he coupled me to Scott and Kim got Abs as signed.
We had cooperated. Approximately 4 lessons we worked for the project on school. Some what we did were to mean against each other. I was not it with Scott once and Scott not with me. At a given moment sat Kim and I were in "our" cafe to have drink and we talked. Kim told that things between her and Abs went exactly the same as at Scott and me. We decided to try be to nice against Scott and Abs, because we of it never the less terrible were fed up.
But our plan worked.
An afternoon had asked Scott if I wanted to come to his home to work on that project.
Between me and Scott it went this way well that I started think that he was nice. I saw that he had also complete beautiful eyes.
“Meg, do you listen?” However Scott made me awake from my idea. This way had a lot sunk in its eyes that I forgot everything.
“Yes, you had it concerning the children, right?” I looked at him astonish to.
“Yes, how much wants you and how do they will be called?” Scott was ready with pen to write it down.
“I want 2 boys, Brennan and Scott junior.” I recovered no longer of laughing then I said Scott junior. You would have had see his face.
“Ok, 1 boy.” Scott found it not a good joke and invented the rest himself.
“He is now 2. He seems exact on me. Stabber but sweet.” Scott also wrote these words on paper.
Kim and Abs it went that afternoon differently. Kim did very nice. So nice that Abs did quite also complete against her. He started even to flirt. Kim can not have been sold against that absolute and equal.
“So Kim. You can stipulate what I do for work and then stipulate I what you do.” Kim found it, however, a good plan but knew how malicious Abs could be but she waited what he intended.
“Kim is a sweet wife. She works at a record label. At the same record label I stand under contract with my singing career, that how we met.” Kim did not know what she heard, a sweet wife.
“But I though that I could say what kind of work you do?”
“Yes that’s thru. But don’t you like this idea than?”
“Yes, I was just making a joke, Abs.” Kim and Abs had a nice afternoon. They also talked about there nagging at school.
“Abs, I have to go home now. It’s already getting late.” She didn’t want to leave but she made a promis to her mum. They were going out to dinner together.
“O, to bad!” .Kim could not it really believe that Abs did sweet against her. Why is he not always that way to her but maybe he was just playing with her.

A week later me and Scott, Abs and Kim our presentation’s. We had prepared ourselves good for the last weak. I also spend a lot of time at Scott’s home. You could found Kim a lot at Abs place. I had the idea that there was something between those two but Kim continued deny heavily.
“Me and Abs? Are you well at your head? I never say anything about you and Scott.” Kim made a point there. Scott was sweet for me but there was nothing happened.
We got all a good grade for this project.
“Ladies, do you like the idea to celebrate this well done project?” Abs and Scott came walking forward to me and Kim. Me and Kim looked at each other.
“Sounds like a good idea.” Kim said.
We went all together to the pizzeria. Was a idea of Scott, of course.
“Megan, can I talk to you in private, please.” Scott did not dare to ask but he did anyway. Kim and Abs left the table and sat down together on another table
“You enjoy yourself here now?”
“Yes, I did not think that you could be a good and sweet guy.” I made smile. Scott gripped my hand.
“Megan, the Prom is coming. And I don’t know if you already have a date but I wanted gladly that you go along with me.”
“Whaha, you want to go with me?” I made a joke but there was nothing more than just go with him to Prom.
“Sorry, Scott small joke. I want to go with you, but why me and not another Kerry? I mean, I am Megan but we torment each other.”
“Megan, you know the expression; teasing girls, asking for kisses?”
“O Ok I get him!” Was my response.
That evening I called Kim. I told that Scott asked me to go to the Prom with him. But what proves to be now, Abs did exactly the same thing. He asked Kim. We no longer recovered of laughing.

The evening of the Prom, Scott and Abs picked us up. They pecked firstly me on afterwards drove we to Kim. I had my dark blue glowing dress on and Kim had a pale blue side dress. Scott and Abs had both a smoking. Then we arrived photograph was made of the couples. Later the evening the King and Queen will be announced. It was already quite busy when we arrived. There was a nice vibe. Abs and Kim had already left to the dancing floor. Scott asked me to dance with him. There was nothing more that I wanted at the moment. They twisted a quiet and romantic number on and then it happened. He bowed down his head close to mine. Our lips touched each other and the kiss which changed everything...
Between Kim and Abs also the spark skipped.
This was an evening to be never forget.

Back to the restaurant moment:
“YES!” I shouted in the restaurant. We stood up for an enthusiastic romantic kiss. Then we were done and sat down, we let us get applause of the other visitors. We looked at each other minutes long.
“I have also a surprise for you.” I could also no longer leave this news for him.
“Scott, you become perhaps a father. I still don’t know for sure. I have to do the test but something says me that I am pregnant.” Scott did not know how to react. He looked at deeply in my eyes.
“Do you mean it? Do I become father?” He could not contain it. He was glad but could he couldn’t express his feelings. Than he stood up.
“Ladies and gentleman’s, can I have your attention for a minute? “ All the visitors turned to Scott and me.
“Once again, sorry that we interrupt your dinner but I have something to say. I’m not only going to be a husband from this beautiful lady here.” He turned himself to me.
“But she just told me that she is perhaps also carries my child.” He jumped and we got a large applause. Scott paid rapidly the bill and we left the restaurant. Hand in hand.
We had sex at Scott’s home but he wanted that there was nothing that could happen with the baby. But I told him that if he was quietly it will be fine. The baby won’t feel a thing. This was night to never forget.

At the other site of town, Kim was with Abs, Scott's best friend/band mate, at home on the bank. Kim was still my best friend
“I have a surprise for you.” Kim says. Abs looked surprised and start lively:
“Ooow you will strip and you have super sexy lingerie thing on and than after wards....” Kim laughs and interrupts him with.
“No, you wish!” She catches his hand and placed it on her stomach.
“You become a father.” Abs has did not know how to react. All he can bring is: OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! He stands up and takes Kim of the bank. Abs cuddles Kim firmly. Minutes long continue to stand this way.

The next day I rang Kim to tell the news that I was going marry and that I was perhaps pregnant.
“You are kidding me? I am also pregnant. I told Abs yesterday. He was the happiness person I’ve ever seen. But what means you with perhaps?”
“Well, I must do a pregnancy test but I have his presumption which I am pregnant. I will do the test in a minute.”
“O do you mind if I come over? I’m bored. Abs is with Scott I believe.”
I approved and she did not know how rapidly she was here. I did the test. It was positive. I’m pregnant.

Two years later.
“Five have just confessed that they will split up. According to the members of the band them their altitude has obtained point. They are the largest boy band in the world. They have broken record after record. We have been told that they wanted to their own thing. Sean for example wanted to write music. And such as have confessed Abs and Scott has been possible bring a family where they want to bring some time with them. There a short compilation film now of the existence of Five” On the news was this a way to say goodbye to Five. Of course I knew that already for a long time. I’m glad that its officially now.

On the same day but than a couple hours’ later, Five arrived at the airport.
“Today is that day that daddy will stay home for a while.” I said to Brannan, our sun.
Kim, who was with Dewi, her little girl, was standing beside me, heard what I said and laughed.
“Mummy, there is daddy!” Dewi was so happy when she saw 5 conformations coming from the exit hall. Dewi ran to Abs. Abs graped her and hold her tight. Scott embraced me with Brannan still in my arms. He talked to Brennan. I listened and enjoyed that moment. Scott was finally home again. Our family was complete.
Abs walked over to Kim. He let Dewi go but Dewi was so happy to see her father again that she hung up to his leg. Abs embraced Kim and said how most he missed us and was glad to be home.
Kim and Abs, who was holding Dewi, walked up to me and Scott and Brennan.
I greeted Abs. Not much later Sean, Jason and Ritchie walked over to us. We greet each other.
“Well guys, this is it.” We all looked back and saw the management of Five who were walking to us.
“You know what guys? Why don’t we meet up next week for a dinner at our place?” Was a idea of Kim. She loved people to come over. Abs only found that generally less. He wants sometimes a little time with Kim alone, just hanging on the couch. But with this idea Abs agrees. Everyone though it was a nice idea too.
Family and friends of Sean, Ritchie and Jason came pick up their. They were also terrible glad that there guys were back.

That week went fast. Brennan was glad that his daddy was home. Scott was so happy, that he spends most of his time with Brennan. We went on a 3 day holiday to Spain. We had to go back because of the dinner we had at Abs and Kim’s home.
The day of the dinner, me, Scott and Brennan we have been asked to come in the afternoon. What I did not know, was that Abs was going to cook. Kim told us pride how well Abs could cook. What Abs did not tell Kim was that he had always had help from his mother. She was also that day. She was a sweet and funny person. Dewi and Brennan could find it terrible well with each other. I stood in the kitchen with Kim. Abs and Scott were in the garden for playing basketball and the mother of Abs was in the living room with Dewi and Brennan. She also considered Brennan as her grandson.
Kim and I, however, stayed in the kitchen to watch the food. We stared together by a window to the garden.
“Remaining little children, hé?” An observation was which said Kim.
“You think?” I had laugh on the observation of Kim. In the time that Scott and Abs knew each other always best friends have remained. They had sometimes brawl but they were never large.
“Mummy, where is daddy? He is not gone again, is he?” Dewi came in the kitchen. Kim picked her up and launched her by the window to look at.
“Daddy does not leave. And if he does than he will get two people who are very angry with him.” Kim said while she was holding her daughter tight.

A couple years later gladly I got phone call of Kim. Our contact has become diluted unfortunately. We sent each other, however, cards with Christmas and anniversaries but we did not see each other much as firstly.
“Megan, hi it’s Kim. I have good news.”
“He Kim, how are you? It’s been a while.”
“Yeah I know. I’m sorry. Why I don’t come by soon? Abs is very busy now.”
Was ok by me. We appointment a time for the day after our telephone conversation.

I heard the door rang and walked up to the door but Brennan were as firstly at the door and opened it.
“Dewi!” I heard say him. I saw a small little girl and behind her Kim stood there, with a baby.
“He Brennan, you become also large. Do you want to be as big as your dad?” I greeted Kim.
“And who is this little boy?” I took over from Kim
“This is the good new that I wanted to tell you. This is Dylan, our little boy. He is two moths old."
“Why didn’t you tell me before?” I asked.
“That’s a long story.” Kim said.