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Saturday night around dinner time Kim was like usually behind her pc, chatting with some friends.
It was rather quiet until Miranda came online.
"Hey Kim! You want to come along to the loco with Abs and me?? The first was what they asked."
"Seems me sociable, but I not at all know Abs!"
"That is high time that you met him! He is so nice! And he is can’t wait to meet you."
Kim had laugh. Kim and Miranda are for years best girlfriends, recently Miranda had a friend, Abs. Abs sit in starting boy band; 5ive
"Well ok than…"
"Nicely! But now I have to eat. We will pick you up around 9 than!"
The girls said there goodbyes to each other.

Just over 9 hours Miranda and Abs stands at Kim place.
Miranda introduces Abs to Kim and immediately the fun began. They had a great time.
Abs had to go to the toilet.
“Well you can say now that I’m right about him.” Miranda said to Kim while she was staring at Abs when he walks away.
“Yes you are right! He is nice.” Kim laughs.
“What are you laughing about?” He came back.
"Just a girl thing." Say Kim.
The triad leaves direction the locomotion, the local discotheque.
When they walked in they noticed that it was busy and Abs, Kim and Miranda know exactly where to get a table.
“What do you want to drink?” Miranda asks. Abs and Kim tell Miranda what they want to drink and Miranda disappears in the people.

A half hour goes beyond...
Miranda looks at relieved when she has at last contact with the bartender.
“Shark, safari Luna, strawberry Cocktail and Malibu Coke, please?” Miranda said and in the meantime the bartender putts two shooter glasses on the bar that he fills with a pale blue drink.
"Of the house." The barkeeper says. Miranda and the barkeeper toast and fall down the drink in 1 time. Miranda thanks and falls through the upheaval catches whit her drinks.

Abs and Kim has made it in the mean time very sociable.
“Are you there at last?” Abs in an insipid manner says. Miranda looks at indignant.
"You should can get them to you know." Answer him.
“Hey don’t you fight!” Kim mixes herself between them.
That evening Kim and Abs large fun and Miranda just was sitting there. She is for this reason also glad when Kim said that she wanted to go home.

On there way out, Abs sees Scott. He called him over.
“Miranda I want you to meet my buddy from the band.” Miranda recognized him.
“Scott, this is my girl, Miranda.” Scott gave Miranda a wink and the two shake there hands.

The next day...
Kim and Miranda keep their weekly weekend evaluation on Sunday on the chat."
"Hi Miranda had a really good time last night. What about you?"
"I’m glad you had a great time. Also I’m glad that you two can work out well."
"Yes! He is so funny. Is he online to? Maybe he can evaluate with us?"
"No, he had a photo shoot today."
"To bad."
The girls continued there chat that day still hours.

A Wednesday that week, Kim was busy working in the music shop that she worked for a couple of years now. She was putting some new releases on the right place in the store. It was very quiet that day. Until a familiar face showed up.
“Hai Abs.”
“Hellow.” Abs greeted Kim.
“Can I help you?”
“No, I was just walking around the city and I remember that you told me that you worked here.”
“Nice your remember it.” Kim smiled widely.
“Yes, I found it nice to last Saturday.” Abs said.
“So did I, Abs.”

That evening Miranda and Kim were on the chat again.
Kim told her that Abs visit her at work that day. And he asked to join him again to the Locomotion.
Miranda was thinking if Abs gave more attention to Kim than to her.

Saturday night....Abs and Miranda had agreed to pick up Kim around 9 PM.
“I will get the first round, be right back.” Abs and Kim agreed and Miranda went off.
It was very busy that night but when Miranda came at the bar she was happy that Scott helped her out fast.
“Hai girl.” Scott said when he putts two shooter glasses on the bar.
Is there something wrong? You don’t seem happy?” Miranda set up a fake smile. Scott smiled and fills the drinks. When Miranda left Scott gave a wink.

Kim and Abs were already gone when Miranda walked to the seats with the drinks. She was watching around her to see if she could see them. At that moment her favorite songs come on. She started to dance. After that song they played a slow song.
Miranda decided to look for Kim and Abs.

“We have to go back; Miranda is also back with the drinks. Probably she is looking for us.” Kim said worried.
“She will find us. Don’t worry.” Abs said.
“..And I like spending some time alone with you.” Kim was shocked.
“Alone with me? What about Miranda?”
“I’m afraid that I might start to fall in love with you.” Kim didn’t know what to say and after a view seconds she felt the soft lips of Abs. She didn’t stop him because she enjoyed too much.

That moment Miranda arrived at the room where Kim and Abs were. She looked around until she saw a couple who were kissing deeply. Miranda became dizzy suddenly. She was holding there drinks but she let go off them when she realized it was Kim and Abs. When the glasses broke apart on the ground, Miranda came out of her shock and turned around and walked with water in her eyes and pressed herself thru to people. She passed the bar where Scott was working. He noticed that she was crying.
“Jo Evan, do you mind if I take a little break?” Even nod and Scott ran after Miranda.
He finds her crying out site of the club.
“Miran?” She was surprised to hear her name. She looked around and saw Scott walking over to her.
“What happened?” Scott didn’t get an answer and Miranda looked down. Scott brushed her hair from her face. He saw her tears. Scott putt his arms around her. They sat there for a couple of minutes.
“Abs?” Scott asked. Miranda nodded and went further.
‘..And my best friend kissed.” She started to cry again.
“Is he still in here?” Miranda nod again.
“Shall I get him?”
“No I want to go home now.”
“I will bring you. I just have to get my jacket.” Scott ran inside and Miranda was waiting.
A couple days later Miranda didn’t spoke to Kim or Abs. Kim and Abs were constantly sending mails and text messages. They also phoned her a lot.
Abs had a meeting with he band mates. He didn’t have his day and he was feeling really down.
He tried to call Miranda one more that and after no answer he throw his phone on the ground.
“Everything ok mate?” Jay asked him.
“No, my girlfriend doesn’t answer my mails, phone calls and text messages.”
“Don’t be shock man.” Scott answer unexpected. Abs gave a weird look.
“Don’t act like nothing happened between you and her best friend.” Scott becomes angry now.
“How do you know that?“
Come on. She saw you two. She ran off in shock. And that’s the reason why she is not answering your calls, man.”
“So you saw her crying and played the saving angel?” Abs was pissed to.
“Yes I was. You have no idea what you have done!” Scott didn’t had to say that because now Abs was so mad that he ran to Scott and pushed him against the wall. Scott didn’t like it and attack back. Jay jumped between them with Sean and get them apart.
At the same moment the manager walked in and didn’t believe his ears when Ritchie told him the story.
“Abs and Scott, my office now.” He yelled.
In the office they had to come to a solution but Abs and Scott didn’t cooperate with him.

That evening Abs decided to Kim and explains what happened that day. She was feeling terrible guilty and wanted to go to Miranda. Abs went along with her.
Scott went immediately to Miranda and told her about Abs.
“Scott, what have you done?” Miranda saw that he had a blue eye.
“I had a fight with you boyfriend, or ex, what is he?”
“Nothing and so is Kim.”
“Are you sure about that?”
“Yes, I can never trust them again, right?” Scott nodded.
“And how are you?” Scott asked.
“I’m fine. Are you staying here for dinner?”
The door rang.
“Scott would you want to open that, please.” Scott opens the door and saw Kim and Abs standing. Abs was about to say something but Kim was first.
“Is Miranda home?”
“Yes but I’m not sure if she wants to see you.”
“And what makes you think that.” Abs mixed him self between Kim and Scott.
Miranda came to the door and stand besides Scott.
“Scott is right. I don’t want to see you, both.” With a hard slap Miranda slammed the door.
“I don’t want to see you either.” Kim said to Abs and walked away.

The next day Abs and Scott had a meeting with their manager again. Abs didn’t saw a word.
“I will leave the band.” Scott than finally said.
5ive was not 4our; Abs, Ritchie, Jay and Sean.

Months went beyond.
“Miranda, what do you think if this?” Scott was punting at a white gold collar.
“Wow, it’s beautiful.” Scott nod at the woman who was standing behind the counter. The woman caught the collar and gives it to Scott so he could hang it on the neck of Miranda.
“Scott what do you do.”
“Just want to know if it stand you.”
“So what do you think of it?” Miranda asked when she turned back to Scott.
“Looks exactly as beautiful as you.” Miranda made a smile.
“Thank you but take if of now or I will break it.”
“No keep it on. It’s yours.”
“Do you mean it?”
“Yes it’s because I love you.”
”It looks good on you Miranda, he is right.” Miranda heard and when she turned around she saw Kim.
“Kim, wow, how are you doing?” Miranda said enthusiastically and hugged her friend.
“I’m doing great and so do you I see.” Miranda nodded at Scott and he gave her a smile.
Scott walked over to the girls.
“And how is your boyfriend doing?” He asked.
“I’m happily single” Kim didn’t feel very comfortable.
“What happened? Did you cheat on you?” Miranda gave a angry look at Scott.
“Don’t ask that.” She said. Scott didn’t say a word and the three decided to go and have a drink in the mall.
Kim told them that Abs she broke up with Abs that day that they slammed the door for our faced. She did saw him sometimes but she didn’t saw anything because she still feels for him a lot.

A couple of days later Miranda and Scott went on a trip to Turkey but there plain had a considerable delay.
“Scott, you here too?” Miranda and Scott turned around. They saw Ritchie coming over to them. They greeted each other and soon Jay and Sean we walking over. Abs didn’t. Miranda was looking at him a bit. Her self phone went off. She saw that is was Kim.
“Kim it’s now or never. I see Abs want me to give him the phone?” She first said. Kim had no time to react. Miranda stepped in the direction of Abs. He saw her coming and walked away.
“Abs, wait!” Abs turned around and Miranda gave him the phone and walked away.
“Abs? It’s me.” He recognized the voice and before you could say anything Kim started to tell what happened and how much she missed him.
”I miss you so much to.” Abs was thumped on the shoulder by Ritchie.
“We leave now.” Kim heard that.
“What do you say when I got back we will go out and see what happens?” Abs agreed on that and hung up. Abs wanted to give the phone back to Miranda but he couldn’t find her.

“Did you noticed that Abs didn’t come near us?” Scott said.
“Yes, Kim rang me and I give the phone to Abs. I’m curious to know what happened.
“We will hear that just over 3 weeks, because we are now not contactable.” Scott putt his arms around Miranda and together the walked into the gate.