Stephanie's Fan Fic

The Night I Saw Him

Part One- This all started back on a night in 1997, my friends and I were at a concert in London, England. We were seeing the band Five. Jules, Honey, Lari and I were excited for the show. Honey somehow scored front row seats and backstage passes. I mean these are awesome seats. Lari turned to Honey "How did you get the awesome seats and passes?"She asked. Honey looked at us and blushed. The three of us knew that Honey had a boyfriend. We were know curious as to who the mystery guy was. "So, who is he?"Asked Jules. Honey exhaled, "If I told you, I'm not sure you'd believe me."She said. "Honey of course we would. We've all known each other for years. We all know our deep secrets."I said. She looked at me and I smiled at her. Honey looked at the others, "I'm dating Sean. That's how I got the seats and the passes. They put aside so many tickets and passes of the girlfriends and their friends if they are interested in going. Sean knew this was going to be our first night in London." Whispered Honey. She showed us pictures of the two of them together. They look so happy together. "We are so happy for you!" Exclaimed Lari. We all hugged. We saw her and Sean lock eyes a few times during the show. I had a feeling it was going to be a night to remember. After we all headed back, we all were a bundle of nerves, except for Honey. She was very calm. "I hope I don't vomit. I said. "I hope I can talk"Replied Jules. "I want to kiss Richie"Said Lari. We looked at her and she smiled at us. We were let in backstage, Honey and Sean hugged. "Lads, This is Steph, Jules and Lari. Ladies, These are J, Sean, Abs, Scott, and Richie."Said Honey. We all said hello and shook hands. My eyes locked on J's eyes, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I could feel myself starting to blush. "Right, Let's sit down and chat."Said Scott. We all sat down. Lari looked at Richie and asked him, "Mind if I sit on your lap?" Richie gave her a devlish grin "Why sure love!"Richie said happliy. Lari grinned from ear to ear and sat down. I sat between J and Scott. Jules sat by Abs, Who was checking her out from head to toe. Scott broke the silence,"How long have you known each other?"He asked. "Since we were 10. We met on vacation here actually."I replied. "Lari and I are from different countries. Jules and Steph are both Americans. They are actually cousins." Said Honey. "That's awesome."Said Scott. "How old are you all?"Asked J while he held my gaze. I couldn't talk, There a lump in my throat. How could a guy make me speechless. "Well, Steph is 18, I'm 17, So is Honey. Lari will be 17 soon."Jules Replied. Abs,J, and Richie looked interested after we said our ages, afterall they aren't much older than what we were. Abs looked at Jules and then he looked away. "So besides Honey being taken, Who is single and who isn't single?" Abs asked with a smile. Lari giggled. "If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't be sitting on his lap!" Richie grinned at her. Jules was looking at Abs when she said "I'm Single". "Oh Really? Why is a beautiful girl like you single?" He asked. "I've dated too many assholes. So I'm waiting for the right one. " She said point blank. Abs Smiled at what she said. "I'm taken" Said Scott. J and I locked eyes, I think we both were wondering the burning question. I wonder if he could feel the instand attraction that I could feel too. I cleared my throat and spoke. "I'm single. my ex cheated on me, so I ended it." I said. "His loss, He is clearly a dumbass to cheat on you. " J said with a smile. I felt my face turn red. We all sat and chatted for awhile. We were really getting to know the guys well. It was starting to feel like we have known them forever. Richie and Lari left together, normally I would be worried because she is the youngest, but Honey trusted him. We all said good night and headed back to our new flat. We exchanged numbers with the guys. It was just Jules and I at home, Lari was with Richie and Honey was with Sean. Once we got home, I looked around at all the boxes and sighed. Jules put her arms around me, " want to start unpacking?"She asked. I nodded, we headed into the kitchen to start unpacking. "I can't believe we all are living here in London."Said Jules. "I know, this is a dream come true. I love that we are all back together. I mean we saw each a lot. We didn't get to see Honey and Lari all that much." I said. " Oh I know. I love being here. I am ready to start my life, find me a boyfriend and figure out what is going to happen years from now."Jules said. I turned to her and I smiled at her, "Like Abs? I saw the sparks between you two." I replied. She blushed, " I gave him my number. He asked for it before we left tonight. He said he was interested in getting to know me a little better. I guess Honey has been talking about us to them." said Jules. I grinned and went back to unpacking the kitchen. We listened to Five while we finished unpacking the kitchen. We finished up and we went up to our rooms. I got a text from an unknown number. I had a feeling it was from J, as I read the text messages it was from him. We agreed to go on a date the next night. They had night off. I went off to sleep.
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The next morning I woke up to a lot of noise down in our kitchen. I couldn't figure out why it was so loud this early in the morning. I looked at my phone, I noticed that it was 12pm. "Shit!" I mumbled. I jumped out of bed. I brushed my hair, threw on a pair of jeans and a short sleeved shirt. I headed down towards the kitchen. I could hear voices, so I knew that we weren't alone. I could hear Lari's laughter. "Richie don't you dare pick me up!" she screamed. I came into the kitchen and I saw Lari and Richie wrestling over the last muffin. I just laughed at them. "Well look who finally got her ass out of bed."Said Honey. "I didn't get to bed until really late." I replied. They looked at me funny. "Why? We were done with the kitchen early and we headed off to our rooms shortly after we were done.' replied Jules. I started blushing, "J and I sat up late talking on the phone. We were texting for awhile. Then he decided to call me,"I said. They all exchanged looks. "So does that mean you are going to go after him? I mean he's a good looking. Not like my Richie though." Said Lari. I looked down and smiled, " There is a chance. I am not rushing anytihng right now/" I said. " The lad likes you Steph. He was a little gutted that he had to get your number from Honey and not from you."Said Abs. I just shrugged and made my lunch. We saw Scott coming up the door with some girl. "Who is that?' I asked. " That is Scott's girlfriend." Said Richie. We let Scott in the house. "Hey Scott." We all said. "Hey everyone. Steph, Honey, Jules and Lari, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend Mary. Baby, I'd like you to meet Steph, Honey, Jules and Lari." Scott said. We all said hello to Mary. We all sat and chatted for awhile. "So what are everyone's plans for the day?" I asked. Lari and Richie giggled " We are going bowling!"They said together. "Honey and I are going to go on a date. We don't get much time together." said Sean. "Jules and I are going on a date as well. I'm determined to get to know her." Abs replied. " Huh, Looks like I'm here by myself. Which is okay because I still have my room to unpack." I said. Everyone left on their way. It just left me at the house by myself,so I went to unpacking the living room. I thought about unpacking my bedroom,but I was tired of looking at the boxes in the living room. I was singing to myself, when I heard a knock at the door. "huh, I'm not expecting company at all." I said to myself. I went to go open the door and to my surprise, there was J standing there. I was taken back. He was a very good looking man, bright blue eyes and a killer smile. He gave me a smile and said " Aren't you going to invite me in or are you going to stare at me all day?' I looked down and blushed. "Y-yeah Come on in J. I just wasn't excpecting compay at all. Everyone is out. So I've just been unpacking."I said. "I know. They told me that you might be lonely and I should come over. Those girls can be quite persuasive when they want to be."J said. " Oh god, What did they say?" I asked. J laughed. " Nothing. They just said to come over and to keep you company."J said. He helped me unpack for awhile. We sat and chatted for awhile. I caught myself staring at him a few times. I couldn't help but think that this man is really good looking. Why would he be interested in someone like me? I mean I am just a plain jane. Yeah I make sure I look nice, but I really don't wear make up that much.He stopped what he was doing and came over by me and he put his hands on the side of my face. We were face to face. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. Oh shit, was he going to kiss me? He leaned in to kiss me, I kissed him back. All of a sudden, Everyone else came back. " Look who's kissing!" Yelled Jules. Lari came running in to see, "Awe Look J and Steph kissing. How damn cute is that. First comes love and then comes marriage."chuckled Lari. Everyone else started laughing too. I felt my face turning many different shades of red. "Oh guys let them be." Said Abs. "So I have to ask, Is he a good kisser? asked Lari. J looked at me smugly, "Yeah beautiful, I think you should answer Lari's question. Am I good kisser?" "I don't kiss and tell." I said as I walked away. They all stood there stunned, except for J. He had this cocky little smile on his face. I looked back at him and smiled at him. I liked making everyone wonder what was going on. Next thing I knew, the girls were running after me. "Okay, Spill it!" said Jules. I looked at her innocently and said "spill what?" Lari rolled her eyes, "Well did you kiss him or did you play a game of checkers with him?" she asked. I laughed. "Come on ladies, we clearly saw with our own eyes that they were kissing." said Honey. "I know but I want to know if he's a good kisser."said Lari. I turned away from them, smiling to myself, I really wasn't sure what to say to them. Yes the kiss was awesome, Did I actually want to admit to them that it was the best kiss I've had in awhile. Jules looked at me funny. "She has that deep in thought look going on. I know that look. I've seen it many times in the past." she replied. I exhaled, "Fine! He was an amazing kisser."I said. Lari jumped up and down, "I knew it! I knew the two of them would hit it off!" she exclaimed. Honey and Jules laughed. "Are you two going out?"asked Honey. "He asked me to go out with him tomorrow night." I said. "Well I think it's time to find the perfect outfit for you to wear." said Jules.
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We all went out shopping for my date night outfit, which I didn't understand why we had to do it right now, when my date isn't until tomorrow night. We have all day tomorrow to get my outfit ready. "Why are we out right now when my date isn't until tomorrow?" I asked. "Oh because it's better to get it done with right now so we don't have to worry about it tomorrow."said Jules. "Plus we are going to be with the guys the rest of the day today." said Honey. I looked at them, "We are? Why didn't I know this?' I asked. Honey, Lari and Jules just looked at each other. I felt like I was out of the loop. "You weren't up yet when we talked about it.." said Honey I was starting to wonder what they were up too. Why did I have a feeling they were trying to play matchmaker with me. I wanted to change the subject, so I looked at Lari and talked to her. "So I saw you and Richie wrestling for that muffin earlier, but I didn't see who won."I said. Lari grinned and replied " I won! I gave him kisses all over his face to distract him. He just can't resist my charm." We all laughed. "Too True. You and Richie are adorable together."said Honey. "I completely agree. It's like the two of you were suppose to meet. You two act like you've known each other for years." said Jules. "What can I say, Richie and I are just soulmates."said Lari. "It's weird how this all turning out."I replied. "What do you mean?"Honey asked. "Well maybe I'm just being cynical or some shit,but it just seems to good to be true. We meet these amazing guys. What's the catch? When are we going to wake up from this dream?" I asked. They all rolled their eyes at me. "Steph, You've been hurt too many times. You need to relax and enjoy this. Nothing is going to happen."Jules reassured me. We finished up our shopping and headed back to our flat. Back home, The guys were there waiting for us. It was wierd to have guys waiting for us. It was adorable the way they intereacted with each other. I just hope no one got hurt. I saw J and I instantly got butterflies in my stomach. He came over by me. "Did you girls do some major shopping?" he asked. "Kind of. They are convinced that I needed a new outfit for our date tomorrow."I repllied. J laughed and said, "I will never understand you ladies and needing new clothes all the time for new things." Honey looked at J and said "Says the one with a stylist and is super picky about what she brings him. Yeah Sean tells me these things." J shot Sean a really dirty look. "Hey man, I thought it was funny and she's my girlfriend."Sean said. I started laughing. "Why J, Are you picking on me when you are picky yourself? I find it funny."I replied as I laughed. He walked over to me and looked at me with a serious look on his face and said to me " Are you mocking me?" I nodded. He picked me and carried me in the house, pinned me down on the floor and started tickling me. "J! STOP!!!"I sheirked. He was laughing as he was tickling me. The others came into the house. "J has Steph pinned on the floor!"Said Abs. "Kinky!" Lari exclaimed. Richie looked at Lari and said "baby, He's just tickling her." Lari laughed. "But he's sitting on her!" Lari Replied. Richie shook his head and went over by Lari to give her a kiss. J finally let me up after tickling me,but before he kissed me and whispered in my ear "You are beautiful" I started blushing after he said that. Jules looked at me funny. "Why are you blushing?"she asked. "Oh it's just the rush from being tickled." I lied. Jules looked at me like she didn't believe me. I mean she is my cousin, so I am pretty sure she knows when I am lying. It was dinner time, we were sitting at our house having dinner. it was just Jules, Abs, J and I. Richie, Lari, Honey and Sean all went out on a double date. We didn't see much of Scott. He was spending some alone time with his girlfriend Mary. I guess Scott and Mary have been together for over a year now. They don't get to see each other very much because of Five, So I get it why they wouldn't want to hang out with us when they have time off. We were sitting in the living room chatting with each other. "So how did you and Steph meet?' ask J. Jules and I looked at each other and laughed. "Well, we are related. We are cousins. So We have known each other our entire lives."I replied. "Even though we are cousins, we are the best of friends, we are like sisters. We know each other really well." said Jules. We looked at each other and smiled. " Are you protective of each other at all?"asked Abs. "Oh we are.So you mess with her, you will mess with me.'I warned. Abs looked at me stunned. "She is harmless. She is just looking out for me."Jules reassured. "Steph, you don't have to worry, I have no intentions on hurting your cousin. From the time I've spent with her, I can tell that she is a sweet woman and she deserves the bet in life and I am hoping that I am the one that can do it." said Abs. I looked over at Jules who was so many different shades of red. I smiled at the sweet gesture that Abs said about my cousin. "How far apart in age are you two?"asked J. "Steph is a few months older than I am. I will be 18 soon."Said Jules. We sat and talked for hours on end. It was amazing. This just didn't feel real to me. It just felt like a dream to me. if this a dream, I just don't want to wake up from it. We said goodnight to the boys. I got a goodnight kiss from J. Jules and i were hanging out in the living room when Honey and Lari came bouncing in the room. It was weird seeing them without their other halves. "Hello beautiful people! We are back!" Lari said. "Hello beautiful Honey and Lari. It's nice to see you ladies back here."I chuckled. I loved these ladies. They were the best friends a girl could ever ask for. Lari had a spunky, cheeky attitude.was always the life of the party. Honey was laid back but fun to be around. Jules was quiet until you get to know her. Then there is me, the cynical one. We are quite the different ones. I think that's why we all get along so well. Jules doesn't get a choice. she is stuck with me for the rest of her life since we are family. These ladies are my family and I love them. "What did you guys for dinner?"Honey asked. "We sat around here and ate dinner here. We played 20 questions with Abs and J."I said. "Steph got a kiss from J before they left." Jules said. Lari whistled. "At least we didn't interupt it this time." Honey laughed. We all busted out laughing. " I told Abs that if he hurts Jules, he'll have to answer to me."I said toughly. "You aren't tough Steph. So don't act."Jules laughed. I flipped her off. "Sometimes you two fight like an old married couple." said Honey. " Well we are related" I pointed out. "We need to have a house party!" Lari said all of a sudden. We looked at her surpringly. It just came out of nowhere. "How are we going to have a house party? The only people know are going to be going out on tour again soon." replied Honey. Lari sat and thought about it for a minute. "What about Scott's girlfriend Mary? She's been here for awhile. She is bound to know people. Maybe she'll help us plan a kick ass house party." replied Lari. Honey got up to text Scott. We sat here talked while Honey was texting Scott. " Are you nervous for your date with J?" asked Lari. " Yeah I am a little bit. I get butterflies when I see him and sometimes I feel like I forget how to speak when he is around."I said. "Awe!! That is so cute!" said Jules. "You are crushing for sure on him."Lari said. "The feeling is mutal I am pretty sure of it. You should see the way he stares at her. It's like she is the only one in the room."Jules Said. I started blushing and said "That's not true. Maybe I have some shit on my face or something." Jules rolled her eyes at me. Honey came back into the room. "Mary said that she is willing to come over and help us a plan a pretty kick ass house party but it will have to wait until the lads go back out on tour. She said she wants to spend as much free time with Scott as she can."said Honey. "I can understand that. I want to spend as much free time with that hunk of man Richie." Replied Lari. As she said that she had a huge grin on her face. Honey looked at the time. "It's getting late, We should head off to bed. We have a full day of pampering tomorrow." "Oh right! It's get Steph ready for her first date with J!" Lari exclaimed. I groaned as I walked to my room to get to bed. I am hoping that I am able to sleep tonight. I am a complete bundle of nerves thinking of my date and being alone with J.
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