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5IVE (Thank You's typed up by: Angelz)
A big thank you to Bob & Chris and everyone at Safe Management, Simon Cowell, david Joseph, lucy, Emma, Sacha, Vanya, Shacky, Ned & everyone at RCA [you know who you are]. Special thanks to our writers & producers, Max Martin, jake and our man Herbie - respect, Eliot Kennedy, Tim & mike, Biff & Julian, Steve Mac, Cutfather & Joe, & PWL. A very BIG thank you to Dennis Pop, our executive producer for your expertise & guidance - we've been thinking about you.

Massive thanks to Paul Domaine [Phil] for the moves. Thanks to Dave Pearce for being the first believer. A huge FIVE thank you to all the radio stations, TV, pop press & everyone who has believed and propelled us along our FIVE journey. Lastly, we pay a huge FIVE respect to all our fans and fellow nutters out there who have made all this possible - the best is yet to come.

I'd like to say thank you to Mum and Dad for supporting me all the way through thick and thin and to the rest of my family for their support. Thank you to all my friends and Herbie and, last but not least, the rest of the band for being there for me

Firstly, Mum, thanks for being there for me and making the sacrifices. I'll never forget it. Big thanks to my family! Dave, nice one brov, get'em out! Dad, love ya. Tracy - hi big sis and, of course, Robert - love ya lots. John, Beryl, all my friends, Nan and all the round - you know who you are. Thank you for all the support, confidence and caring for me and for getting me closer to my dreams.

Firstly, I would like to thank my Mum and Dad for liking each other enough to let me be here. Without them, nothing's possible. To my sisters, Hayley and Nicola and my few select friends and family who know how much they mean to me.

First of all I'd like to thank J, Rich, Sean and Scott, keep your heads up!! To Uncle Rob, Mark, Valerie, Janet, Izzy, toycan, Tis, Courtnie, llkner, Errol, Harry, Robbie and George. Than you for your support and for keeping me real. Finally to my Mum, Dad and Danielle - Without you I'd still be dreaming.

First and foremost I'd like to thank the most important people, my Dad, Justin, Mum, Marilyn and sister Donna, for always being there and giving me the love and support that I needed whilst trying to achieve my dreams. I love you Averil, I will never forget what you did for me and Herbie for keeping me sane and focused on the future. Last, but not least. the other four guys who are nearly as important as me.

INVINCIBLE (Thank You's typed up by: Angelz)
All the lads would like to say a big heartfelt thanks to:

Bob Herbert - our late manager who will always be remembered with fondest memories.

Chris Herbert, Grant, Jean, Debbie and all at Safe Management.

To Simon Cowell - A huge thank you. Thanks to Richard Griffins, Harry Magee, Keith Blackhurst for all your support. To Sonny, Roma and Amy for your creative flair. Big up to Sacha, Shacky and Ned in RCA promotions for flying the flag.
The warmest thanks to Heather Metcalfe for making those endless international weeks away bearable and for being a real friend. To Rob Barnes, our devoted tour manager for being such a great mate and for sticking with us through thick and thin. Cheers to Ian Dickson - sorry for the nightmares! Thank you to Dawn Bartlett and Lisa Agassi in press and to everyone else at RCA Records for all they have done (you know who you are).

A massive slap on the back to our co-writers and producers, Richard Stannard (Biff) and Jules for the tunes and how not to play Nintendo! To Dexter for ripping it up and Adrian and Jake and all at BIFFCO Productions - Respect.

Jacob and all at Cheiron.

The boys at Stargate.

Huge thanks to Paul Domaine for the moves - Keep it up Phil!
To Paul Franklin and all at Primary - looking forward to spending more time together on the road.
Thank you to Miller, Blair and all the bods at Sony Music.
And to Doug, Barry and everyone at Bravado.
To Lucy at the Five Fanclub, John Black (webmaster).

And last, but no means least, to all our devoted friends and fans out there - your huge support never fails to impress us - stay tuned...

Lots of love - 5ive.

I'd like to thank my Mum and especially my Dad for taking me up to join the group in the first place.

I'd like to thank all my friends in Leeds.

Thank you to the rest of the group for always being there for me.

I'd like to thank Bob, our manager, who passed away recently, Deniz Pop for giving us a chance in the very beginning. Biff and Jules fr their time and effort. RCA Records, Safe Management, Rob, our tour manager and friend and, finally Hunslet Rugby League.

Thanks all.


Thanks to my Mum, Dad, Derek, Dave tracey and Robert. All of these are my eternal rocks of strength. Thank you for your love and support, but more for your never faltering belief in me. I love you all.

Thanks to my girlfriend Billie.

Paul and Mandy - Thanks for all the support and trust.

More on the artistic side, a big thank you to Biff, Jules and Dexter and the rest of the mob in Ireland, including the catering lady ... YUMMY!! Elliot Kennedy for just being a ded you FXXXXX XXXT. Also you three over at Stargate - WICKED!! Paul Domaine, the man with the moves who has been with us from the start. Love you man! Ben Skervin, the same to you. Rob "you can do it if you put your mind to it" Barnes, love you.

Now the big men adn women that really make it happen (no, I didn't mean you are all overweight!) Richard Griffins, Simon Cowell (the original bachelor boy), Harry Magee, Keith Blackhurst, Sacha Relf, Shacky, Dawn Bartlett, Lisa Agassi and, of course, the big band sis, Heather Metcalfe, without whom our international trips would never be the same. Paul Franklin for his hair and gigs, such a majorly big thank you to the other lads. I love you all!! Yet again, it has been a pleasure.

Chris Herbert, thanks for all the hard work and passion for your job. The biggest thank you goes to our absent friend, Bob Herbert. A true friend and gentleman and a true loss.

Last, but not least, the fans. Thank you all for your love and support, but more your understanding - you know why!!

To all the people mentioned. It's been great. Thanks for making it all possible.


Firstly I'd like to thank my deceased manager and good friend, Bob Herbert, for helping me get to where I am today.

Also, my current manager, Chris Herbert for all his help and support.

I would like to thank my close friends and family for always being there and helping me through the hard times, especially my beautiful girlfriend, Kerry, for always being there for m. My Mum and Dad, Nicola, Hayley, Jimmy and Martin. Thank you.

Thanks to all the fans who have bought the album and supported Five. Without you, none of this would be possible.

I would just like to say congratulations to Hayley and Jimmy on the birth of their baby girl, Robyn, which makes me an uncle!

Finally, I would like to dedicated this album to Bob Herbert, as we all strongly believe that he is indeed INVINCIBLE. Rest in peace.

Lots of love


First of all, I would like to thank you for buying the album.

Secondly, to everyone who doesn't want to admit they like what they hear, we'd prefer you used the cd as a coaster!!

And finally, to my family and true friends:
Danielle: There are no words for an angel, you don't even know how special you are - I love you.

Mum: you're really as famous as me . . . ARGHHH!
Dad: Sevgili babcigima herzaman yannimda oldugu icin' tesekkur ederim.

Courtnie and Tiana: You probably understand this now - I love you.
Mark: That'll be 2.50 please!
Valerie: (My guardian angel) Thank you for everything - a Mexican would be nice!!
Uncle Rob & Auntie Janet: Nice one . . .
Love Deryek Fischer.
Grandad: Keep going son!
To my boys: T, Errol, Izzy, Robbue, George, Harry and Ergin (those I don't see) - Angus, Jerome, Dean, Damien, Rudy, Nicky, Dibun, Dwayne, Oibun, Dinh. . .hope you're all ok.

Hollyoaks: You're all mad!!

Scott: Thanx for the pizza . . . You know where I am if u need me.
J: Shag a waa waa . . .
Rich: Slap my thigh and call me Roger.
Dapper The Rapper: Not when I'm tired mate.

Bob: Rest in peace, I miss you.

Love, Abs.

First and foremost I want to give all my love and thanks to my Mum, Dad and sister who were there for me way before it all started and will be there for me way after it all ends. I love you with all my heart and soul. Kyle (my nephew) I love oyu big guy and I'll always be there for you.
M, your my angel, I love you.
Sean, if you hadn't been here with me who knows what would have happened, nice one "me old chava cho mushy peas". X amount of love and respect.
Rob Barnes, you know and I know that you always go above and beyond the call of duty. It's appreciated and resected. Nice one mate.
All my boys back home (up North, Rob, Gaz, Belly, Jamie and Ducky, I got ya back. See ya soon. Heather, you are a godsend, a true professional but most important a loving friend. Thank you. Herbie, you weren't in the studios with us but you were in there with me. I love you man. Say hi to Munchkin, Carl and Tanlee? Sacha, thank you, Simon, give us the hits, Dexter, en up son! Nowt for nowt! Biff, Jules, Alvin, Jake and everyone in Dublin, thanks.
Abs, keep dat spit turnin' cause ya donner meat's burnin'. I'm always there for ya son.
Rich, get ya pommade out for the lads.
Scott, eat some greens.
Dennis Pop, I hadn't quite realised at the time but you were, and still are our guiding star. You're in my heart forever. May the funk always be with you.

And last but nowhere least: I've saved this moment for someone who's passed. For someone who's memory will eternally last. For the guy who i now know ha the greatest of hears, who's touch I'll keep burning till my soul departs, Bob. We started to get closer just before you went and maybe it's because I'm a little older and wiser but I now realise and appreciate everything you did for us. I hope you're going to appreciate everything we're going to do. Rest in peace. Thank you with all my heart. J

Anyone that I missed I'm sorry. See ya. J

KINGSIZE (Thank You's typed up by: Jen. Ritchies thank you's typed up by Angelz. Also thanks to Aredhel for helping with Ritchie's thank you's)
FIVE would like to thank:

Bob Herbert, you were always there in the beginning and you have continued to look over us throughout our journey. You will always be remembered.

Chris Herbert, Grant, Debbie, Sarah, Melissa and all at SAFE MANAGEMENT.

Steve Finan, Fran O'Conor, Jennifer and all at Bamn Management.

Thank you to Simon Cowell, Thomas Stein, Hasse Breitholtz, Maarten Steinkamp, Ged Doherty, Sonny Takhar and Dave Shack, your support is appreciated. Thanks to Fiona Ramsay & Juile for all your hard work and dedication. Special thanks to Richard Griffths and Harry Magee and good luck. Spanner, Richie Crossley and Jacqui all in Promotions, yet another great campaign. Jodie Dalmeda and Zoe Stafford in BMG Press, thanks for all your hard work. A big thank you to Alex Crass, Leighton, Tonya, Nick Bray, Nick Ralphs, Lee Morrison, Lisa McEwan and Lynne Swindlehurst for working wonders at Radio. Juilette Joesph, Heather and everyone in the internation UK, (later flights please!!!) To everyone at BMG who we have not been abe to thank personally, you know who you are, thanks for everything.

Huge thanks to out producers and co-writers- Biff, Jules and all at Biffco, the Stargate boys, Elliot Kennedy and everyone at Steelworks, Steve Mac and the Rockstone posse - without you all we could not have made such a fantastic album. Huge respect.

Paul Domaine (Don't get too giddy) and Heather at Fast Forward artists. To Paul Franklin, Emma and everyone at Helter Skelter. To Ben Skerrvin, Juice, Chole and Jo for working wonders. Special thanks to our tour manager John Pryer, Martin Wright and 'dangerous' Dave Last. To Mike Hrano at the FIVE fanclub, John Black at and Rita at, John Davis at BMG New Media, thanks for all your support.

The FIVE band, Velroy, Mark (congratulations on the baby), Andrew, Howard and Mark, thanks for the music.

The FIVE dancers, Michelle (mother to be), Sande, Buster, Suzanne, Dawn, Judith and Lisa, keep on twirling!!

FIVE crew, Steve Levitt, Pete Turner, Nick, Joe, Oz, Neil and Lesile.

FIVE promoters around the world. Pete and Dennis @ AAA, Danny and Jim @ Kennedy Street, Dennis Desmond @ MCD, Tim Van Rongen @ Mojo Concerts, Hermon Scheuruans @ Clear Channel, Michael Chugg @ MCE and Phil Rodriguez @ Warner Bros.

Also to the rest of the World International Crew, Stuart Rubin, Jorge (and the LARO, Stellar Stellers). Sara Silver, Tim P (and the Oz heros and BMG FIVE fans worldwide, you know who you are!!) Dee Chay, we'll miss you, Bjorn Lindborg, George Gibb, Jose-Maria Camara, Freddie Middleton, Rick Van Schooten, Nancy Poleon, Cate Smith, Marie Luisa Fransa, Ken Bains, Riccarado Lopez and Jaqueline BS.

Sasha, Mike and Kames @ Vision Limos, Nicky and Marla @ Altour. Katie and Sandy @ T.D.A

And our most special thanks goes to our fans all over the world who are without a doubt the Best!!! The ride hasn't stopped yet!!!

Lots of Love

First of all I would like to thank the other lads for working so hard. I would like to thank all of them for being so supportive and understanding. I would like to thank J for being like a big brother and thanks for all the memories. Thank you to J's Mum, Mal and family for getting me through my bad time. Thanks to Mum and Dad for being the way you are, supportive and loving. Thank you to BMG. Thank you to Safe Management for being so understanding. Thanks to Bob, I know you'll be watching over us. Thank you all my friends in Leeds for being supportive. Thanks to Trevor and Steve and last but not least I would like to thank Rob Bames, John Pryer and good old Martin. Thank you and sorry to anyone I have missed. Thanks to myself. Cheers

I am sat here contemplating my album thanks and you know what, I don't even know where to begin. Having to write these album thanks has got me reflecting on the past four or five years in the band and my whole life in general. I am trying to work out what's going on. I suppose George Michael put most of what I am feeling into words on a song called "Listen Without Prejudice" especially the line. "You look for your dreams in heaven so what the hell are you supposed to do when they come true".

You see, I spent my whole life since I was 4 years of age absolutely certain that I would be a singer or actor or both. That doesn't mean I was an arrogant child or anything. I really didn't think I deserved it more than anyone else, or that I was more talented than anyone else, I just knew. Not vain hope, I just knew. I spent most of my child hood staring out of the classroom windows thinking that one-day!

As I got older my passion for want of a better word for the stage grew, along with my passion for a few other things as you can imagine with a teenage lad. On about four separate occasions a few years apart my sister went to psychics. These psychics did not know one another or anything about me. yet every one of them said something like this "well I can tell you one thing your little brother is going to be famous" or "I see your younger brother and he is on stage and there are many hands in the air"> It's actually got to the point now where my sister says, "I am not going to psychics again because all I hear about is you". She is only joking of course but sorry sis I can't help it.

One of my friends that I went to school with reminded me the other day about the first day I met him, in my first day at secondary school, I was 11. He asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up and I very naively said. "When I am 16 I am gonna go down to London and I am going to be famous"> He was saying that he thought, "Oh yeah and it's that easy to do!"

When I was 17 and still going to the same school I was in a play. The play was running quite late and when I got home I couldn't sleep straight away because me adrenaline was still pumping a feeling that I have become very accustomed too. Back in those days I couldn't "Hit the bar" with the rest of the touring party, so I said good night to my mum and took the newspaper upstairs to read and hopefully go to sleep. I turned it over a few pages and noticed an article about a management team that where putting a pop band together. I'm reading this article. I must admit I wasn't sold. I had it planned in my head. I was going to leave school at 18, travel the world with a back pack for a year then train as an actor. I flicked over and carried on reading, then a feeling came over me. I sort of had a lump in my throat and butterflies and I couldn't stop thinking about the article. I flipped back to the page then logical brain kicked in and tried to discard the feeling. I flipped past the article again and then I flicked back and this happened about 8 or 9 times. I thought I would show my mum just to see what she thought. When I got downstairs and put the article in front of her I said, "what do you think of this mum". She started to read the article and as she did I saw her being overcome with the feeling I had just had. She turned to me very wide eyed and said "Don't ask me why cause I don't know but you have to go to that audition". The audition was that week so I rushed around getting a backing tape and my mother, brother and myself left Birmingham for London.

Well you all know what happened I got into the band. My next dilemma was I still had 3 months left at school, but the rest of the freshly picked band where moving in together. This tore me up for a little while because I had done nearly 2 years of courses and it seemed such a waste but I didn't want to wait and be the "outsider" when I did eventually move down with the boys. I had been going over and over this dilemma with one of my mates when I decided to switch on the radio I heard a song for the first time it was Ultra Nate with a song called "Free" you know it "cause your free to do what you want to do you've got to live your life and do what you want to do". That was enough for me I moved down two days later. Basically I could write on for much longer about this but a new chapter in my life was about to open, the wheels of destiny were set in motion that day and the rest as they say is history.

One thing I have learnt from all this and let this little tale be a testament to this, trust your gut instinct and be open to the signs. I was also told by a teacher when I was younger "If you can dream it, you can do it"> So What ever your dream is get out there and do it!

Enough of me ranting and on with the thank you's. A big thank you to all at RCA Simon Cowell, Sonny Fiona, Heather, Spanner, Richie, Pastie (Shacky), Zoe and anyone else I may have missed out. You're all fantastic at your jobs and thank you all for your continuing support it means a lot. A huge thanks to Safe and Bamn management Chris Herbert, Grant Logan, Fran O'Conor and Steve Finan and everybody else. I am sure you will all need pace makers but the end of it all so thanks. Oh the dramas! Thanks to Rita in the US. A big shout out to Elliot and Tim and all you twisted lost at Steelworks "Get it down like, get it down". "Whoosh it's behind you" we'll have 'em next time on the bar football L. Torre, Mikkel and Helgar at Stargate - I still have a scar on my back from the sledging incident! Anyway guys now your selling it. Thank you. Biff and Jules and everyone at Windmill Lane thanks for the hits and I want a blast at tennis next time. Thanks to Time Laws and Prema. Paul Domain "You keep on doing it". Ben Skervin "You are indeed dancing queen" thanks for the cuts and being an all round nice guy. Juice "Your a dag, but excellent with clothes". Paul Franklin you new romantic you, "How's the hair, quite night last night was it?" All the musicians and dancers "Do you really like it, is it really wicked?!" Dave Last diamond geezer, Martin! (MMMRRR) A special thank you to John Pryor our tour manager you really are very good at your job and quite a counsellor at times. All my friends you know who you are. I love our times together and our laughs. My family I'll keep it short. I love you all. You are all very good people and never faltering in your love. I love you all so much. Thank you for always believing in me even when I don't, especially when I don't. The boys well we're still here you are my friends, comprades, amigos, buds, brother and fellow mad heads and I love you all. My head's too baffled to go into everything but you know the score - thief! Of course the fans for with out whom none of this would be possible. last but not least the late bob Herbert, I feel you and know you are looking down and giving guidance rest in peace.

Well, what can I say, didn't think we'd get this far, 3rd album!! I've got so many people to thank I don't know where to start. Right now I'm sitting in the hopsital with my baby boy Brennan which is the most amazing thing ever. So I'd like to thank him, so making my smile even bigger!! I would also like to thank my soon to be wife Kerry for her ongoing love and affection. 'Kerry, I love you, you're my world.' Thanks to the other four gentlemen in this crazy band, especially for their support in the last couple of months lads you've been brilliant. Management obviously, for all their hard work and dedication.
Chris Herbert, Grant Logan, Fran O'Connor, Steve Finan, John Pryer, thanks, and although he is no longer with us Bob Herbert 'I know your looking down on us Bob, I miss you, rest in piece.' Thank you to BMG & RCA for everything, you know who you are there are so many people to name individually, but mainly Simon Cowell, Sonny Takhar, Dave Shack, Richie Crossley, Ian Dickson, Juliet Joesph, Heather Metcalfe, Leighton Woods, Nick Bray, Thomas Stein (good luck at your new job!! Work hard!! My family, mum, dad, Nicola, Hayley, Martin, Jimmy, Robin, Sue & Pete, Dan, Granddads, Nans and obviously OK Uncle Paul, Wendy and kids and everyone else. Congratulations to my sister and brother in law, Nicola and Martin on the news of the pregnancy. Good luck!! My friends, Scott, Leah, Nicky, Chris, Martin (tosser!) Ben, Helen, J, Sean, Ritch, Abs - not just collegaes, friends.
John Pryer, Big Dave - thanks to you both of you, Big Dave - Oh my gosh!! Ben Skevin, Juice, Chloe Richardson and Jo Buckland for all your styling. Tommy tattoo- thanks for the tattoos I'll be back!! Thanks to all the radio, TV and print media for your continued support. Rav Singh you'll never find the wedding location!!

Now the fans - Five have been away so long and you're still there for us, screaming!!! Thank you a million times!!

I don't know if I have forgotten anyone as I said at the beginning I wrote this with Brennan in my arms!!
Adios Amigos and out.

To begin, my thanks wouldn't mean shit if I didn't mean them, so don't think I'm doing this coz I have 2. You have all given me something which has helped me 2 grow in some way and my appreciation will forever remain.

To the fans, we are where we are because of you. You have all given us so much, and I hope our music gives something back. Thank you for your endless love, support and dedication.

To the rest of U, A big thank you to everyone who has contributed, worked hard and put good energy into this album coming forth.

Izz - you my partner in crim bro, don't doubt it, ilker ('who ate all the pies'), Aygul, Errol - easy on the gel, Yus - 'usual please', T-the original Junglist. Kem, Chris, Bubble, Dean, Chanelle, Borat, Simon, Michael, Biff-I'll get it. Jules-give us a game, Dave, Alvin, Ash, Mavrik Martin - much love & respect to all of you, but fear not, the cheeky monkey will return. Velroy (Teddy Rukspin), Tallman, Daryll, Howard, Roy, Phil and Andrew (Bling Bling)-you lot are far too talented. Jason, Matthew, and Lorna - 'sup foolz? Mum & Alabama - no peeing on the carpet and that goes for the dog too!! Uncle Rob - Nuthin' but a diamond geezer. Robbie, Harry, George, Brendan, Kathy, Grandad and all the McDaids worldwide. Baba-Merak Etme.
Ben - you'll never switch me!! John-I'm waiting for the next shipment, Martin, Juice, Anton, Chris, Grant, Andrew, Shelley, Heather, Mike, Rita - (U.S.) Thank you to everyone at RCA. Busta, Sandy, Lisa, Michelle, Dawn, Suzanne and Judith - the best dancers a band could ask for. Gary & co at Sintillate, Lasty-We go to gentleman club? Got some more skin 4 ya Tattoo Terry. Kelly and J, Courtnie and Tiana (my 2 favorite girls), Valerie, Mark, Joanie and Johnboy - I love you all. Danni-I'm on the stage, but you the star, thank you for your support and love. Sean, J, Scott, and Ritch. Remember it's all an experience, and at the end of the day, we always got each other - nuff love!! Bob-I know you still guiding us. R.I.P. Finally, to the Sound Systems and the D.J's that play our shit worldwide
Keep It Bangin'! Words cannot express, but for now will do, the emotion held within', each little thank you' Be Cool, ABS.x

**J never made any thank you's for the Kingsize album. No idea why.**

GREATEST HITS (Thank You's typed up by: Angelz)
We've matured and developed massively as a band over the last three and a half years and have also grown as individuals. As the band has got bigger on a global scale the commitment levels have had to increase and that at times has been hard on us all. We felt that we had reached a point where we could no longer do justice to our fans or to each other and when that happens, it really is time to call it a day.

We want to say a massive thank you to all of the Five fans who have got us to where we are today - we will miss you all.

I would like to thank the other lads for working so hard. Thank you to J's mum, Mal and family for getting me through my bad time. Thanks to Mum and Dad for being the way you are, supportive and loving. Thank you to BMG. Thank you to Safe Management.

My family. You are all very good people and never faltering in your love. I love you all so much than you for always believing in me even when I don't, especially when I don't. The boys are my friends, compradous, amigos, buds, brothers and fellow mad heads and I love you all. Of course the fans for with out whom none of this would be possible.

My friends, Scott, Leah, Nicky, Chris, Martin (tosser), Ben, Helen, J, Sean, Ritch, Abs, - not just colleges, friends.

My wife Kerry, son Brennan, mum. My family: Mum, Dad, Nicola, Hayley, Martin, Jimmy, Robin, Sure & Pete, Dan Granddad's, Nans and obviously ok Uncle Paul. Wendy and kids and everyone else.

Now the fans - Thank you a million times!!

... To the fans - We are where are because of you. You have all given us so much, and I hope our music gives something back. Thank you for your endless love, support and dedication.
...To the rest of U - A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to Five.
"Words cannot express, but for now will do, the emotion held within', each little thank you."

I would like to thank the other guys (my bros) for the most amazing times I've ever had in my life. I'm so proud of you all and will be there for you till the end of time (we definately waved that f***ing banner ha, ha).
Massive heartfelt thanks to our fantastic Fans and everyone else who has helped us to realise a dream, thank you, thank you, thank you. Last of all I'm so greatful for the last 4 1/2 years (the good times and the bad times) they have definately made me see in some way or another how amazing life can be. I wonder where it will take me next. SILY.