Member Bio's: Richard 'Abs' Breen : Scott Robinson : Jason 'J' Brown : Richard Neville : Sean Conlon

"Some boy bands get told what to do and how to act...We'd rather be ourselves" - J

Band History

Five Share House 5ive: the Debut
In 1997, an advertisement was placed in the UK performing arts newspaper The Stage, asking for young male singers/dancers to audition for a boy band-style group with "attitude and edge". Bob and Chris Herbert, the two men who had earlier created the Spice Girls, thought the time was right for a male group. 3,000 hopefuls auditioned and they were finally narrowed down to only fourteen, five of whom had arranged themselves into a group while waiting for their audition and subsequently were signed with BMG/RCA for a six-album deal.

In November of 1997, the band released their first single in the UK; "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)", which debuted at #10. The song was also released in the US in 1998 but had little success, although it was chosen as the new theme song by the NBA. In 1998 Five released their first major international hit, "When The Lights Go Out" which managed to crack the top 10 in the US and earned Gold status shortly thereafter. Five then went on an eight-day tour to promote the upcoming album, appearing in a concert special for the Disney Channel with Irish girl group B*Witched and at Times Square in New York City and also made an appearance on MTV's TRL. The debut album peaked at #27 in the US, and topped the charts in other countries worldwide, including the UK. "It's The Things You Do" was released in late 1998 in the US; only to receive a lukewarm reception and after the group started a US tour with boy band 'N Sync, they pulled out due to exhaustion and flew back to England to rest and start recording their second album, Invincible. "Everybody Get Up", "Got The Feelin'" and "Until The Time Is Through" were all released throughout 1998, reaching the top 5 in different countries around the world, and Five had well and truly made their mark in the world of Boy Band mania.

Invincible: the New Millennium
In August 1999, the first single of their second album, the catchy dance tune "If Ya Gettin' Down" was released and became a major hit worldwide but yet again failed top go to #1 in their home country, only to be stopped by Ricky Martin. Finally in October 1999, "Keep On Movin'" became their first #1, and the second album peaked at #1 shortly thereafter. "Don't Wanna Let You Go" was released in early March 2000, peaking at #9 and becoming their biggest selling single to date. On March 3, 2000 Five opened at the Brit Awards with rock legends Queen performing their next hit "We Will Rock You" (which went on to be their second #1 in the UK in July 2000) and also won their first Brit Award "Best Pop Act". Five then went on to have a successful world tour in the first half of 2000, touring countries in the UK, Europe, Russia, Australasia and (minus band member Ritchie) South America, after he contracted Chicken Pox and had to be flown back to England.

After finishing the tour, the group then performed at many concerts in the UK, including Party in the Park with Queen and released a re-issue of their album Invincible which included remixed versions of a couple of songs and five live tracks from their tour and bonus track, "Don't Fight It Baby" (which was due for release in July 2000 in the US but was pulled from release after the group was dropped by Arista Records). Five also had problems with their Asian record company and subsequently cancelled their Asian tour.

Suffering from this major blow, the lads headed back to the studio and started writing songs for their next album. They continued to win awards in the UK and Europe, and in December 2000 launched their second big tour, in their home country. In January 2001, Five went to perform at one of the biggest festivals in the world, "Rock In Rio" in Rio de Janeiro and Caracas to an audience of almost half a million people.

Kingsize and the End of an Era
In May 2001, after many months of creative writing and "developing their own personal sound" - Kingsize was completed. They then began filming for the debut single of the album, "Let's Dance" with only four of the five members after band member Sean fell ill with glandular fever and replaced with a cardboard cut-out. Rumours started to build that he had in fact left the band but these were quickly quashed. Scott then had to temporarily leave the band for a few weeks when he received news that his fiancée Kerry Oaker, who was having troubles with her pregnancy, may have the baby prematurely. Their son, Brennan Rhys, was born on July 11, 2001 five weeks premature. The remaining members J, Abs and Ritchie continued with heavy promotion of their third album and the new single "Let's Dance". Whilst performing at a concert in Belgium in July, Ritch ripped the tendons in his left foot, putting a halt to all promotion and prompting the group to have a few meetings to re-think their options and future. "Let's Dance" which was released in mid August 2001, became their third UK #1 and held the spot for two weeks. Kingsize was released two weeks later and debuted at #3 and later achieved Gold status.

After a month of serious meetings with record management, Five came to the decision that they were "calling it a day" and disbanded on September 27, 2001 via an announcement on MTV Select. On September 28, a day after the announcement, Scott married his childhood sweetheart, Kerry Oaker, which all the lads attended to.

In November 2001, "Closer To Me", which featured rare footage of the band, and "Rock The Party", with an animated video, were released as a double-A-side single and a greatest hits album followed.

In the band's short life-span, they experienced success around the world, racking up three number-one singles in the UK and selling an estimate of 15-20 million records worldwide [1]; which includes 7 million albums worldwide and several million in the United States, and picking up numerous awards along the way.

Current Status (Early 2006)
In November 2001, member Abs Breen went to Australia for the major pop festival Rumba! and performed on stage with boy band Blue. About a year after the breakup, he then went on to a fairly successful solo career releasing one album, Abstract Theory in 2003 and having three top 10 singles in the UK.

Ritchie Neville and Sean Conlon also began solo musical careers but stopped almost before they began, although Sean has now signed up with Sony and Ritchie has made occasional appearances as a TV guest star, presenter, actor and reality show celebrity contestant. Scott Robinson joined a local Essex radio station, EssexFM in 2002 for a few months as a radio DJ. He starred in the UK regional theatre musical, "Boogie Nights 2" from late 2004 through most of 2005. Scott He is also about to become a father for a second time, after making an announcement on his official website [2]. J Brown basically disappeared from public view for nearly 4 years but has recently resurfaced as a writer/producer.

The Announcement

Sad Day For Pop!

It has emerged today that the band are to split after months of speculation. They released a statement this afternoon.

It reads: "We've matured and developed massively as a band over the last three and a half years and have also grown as individuals. As the band has got bigger on a global scale the commitment levels have had to increase and that at times has been hard on us all.

"We felt that we had reached a point where we could no longer do justice to our fans or to each other and when that happens, it really is time to call it a day."

Their Final Say

J - "It came to a natural end. There isn't a single problem between us. Right at the start we said that if we ever got massive we should end it while we were on top."Honestly, I know it's the right thing to happen. I can definitely say I won't be seen or heard of again. I've had a wonderful experience of the industry and it's over. I've seen the world, shagged loads of beautiful women, met brilliant people and it has made me a different person."Some people like being in the spotlight but to me it's a bit self-gratifying and shallow. I've done things in the last five years that people couldn't do in five lifetimes. I just want to do something else."I admit I have cried over this because of the memories of the other guys. But I'm relieved in a way because I can do things I want to do now."
Abs - "We're all happy and we knew this was something that had to be done. I just feel sorry for the fans but it had to happen. We have to say goodbye and deal with it and live our lives. We are all really positive about it's the end of a chapter and we can't mope around. Keep your eyes peeled because I'm not going to disappear. I'm just trying to deal with the fact that it's over but there's a lot more to come. This is it's done and dusted and we're not going to reform or have any sort of reunion. We're being very mature about it there has genuinely been no squabbling and we know we'll all see each other."
Scott - "It feels like one of the most pleasant break-ups of all time. We just think it's the cool thing to do. We could have carried on for years and been sick of each other but we're going out on a high. Five are friends. I know I'll see them all for ever. I've got a beautiful son and I'm getting married soon so I want to concentrate on being a good father and husband. It'll be nice not having to bother with the way I dress. But people have not seen the last of me. I'll do writing. I'd like to write songs for others and see them performed on Top of the Pops."
Ritchie - "It's really ****ing sad. Obviously it's a major chapter in our lives that's over. What's really important - and it's the truth - is that there'll be no bitching or slagging each other off. We've actually split as the best of mates. It's all very grown up but it's the end of an era. We were effectively down to three members ans we were getting signs that we should call it a day. I look forward to the time when I'm 60 and I'm standing in a pub and I can say, 'I was in a pop band and I had three No 1s'. The straw that broke the camel's back really was when Sean got ill - then Scott's baby was premature and I hurt my leg. It was as if whatever force there is was telling us that it wastime. Everything was stacking up against us. We're leaving with our dignity. We didn't want to see our singles gradually slipping down the charts. It felt like we were boxers who kept being knocked down and having to get back up. People think we hate each other but we don't. I know it sounds corny but we love each other like brothers. We've travelled the world together - our manager Bob Herbert died, we've been through depression and great times too. I'm going to take a break to reassess and go from there. Maybe think about acting or I may do something in the music business."
Sean - "We could stay about and wait until we drop out of the charts but we don't want to be thought of as a band that had it and lost it. I'm going to go into writing for other people. I will be heavily involved in music but I want to be a respected musician rather than a star. That's what I'm good at. Plenty of bands have stayed around too long and their memory is cheapened because of that. I'm not bothered about being famous and I don't think I'll regret it. We never played by the rules and we changed the face of boybands - we had a bit more attitude. What a great thing we achieved. I'm proud. It's not really an end - it's a positive beginning for all of us."

Sadly Five departed 27th September 2001

27th September 2006 Five have announced they will be giving it all another go in the music biz. Abz, Ritchie, Scott and J have reformed Five and are back to create more of their unique music for their fans (and hopefully new ones). Sean however has decided he would rather continue with trying to break into the music biz as a solo artist. He's been working at a solo carreer since Five first broke up in 2001. During Five's first press conference in 5 years the guys said they are reforming to make more music and NOT doing it for the money. They have decided to finance their comeback themselves and are not going for the quick buck (unlike Take That). Their plan is to record a new album, release a few singles and then WOW us with a concert. Well all us fans can say is - BRING IT ON!

19th May 2007 It is with deep regret that Five today announce that their comeback is no more. The band have decided to call it a day, seven months after reforming. They would like to apologise to all their fans throughout the world for any disappointment caused. Despite considerable broadcast interest in a reunion television series being secured, an album being half-way completed and a world tour in the final stages of confirmation, Ritchie, J, Abz and Scott feel they cannot continue together. A huge amount of hard work and effort went into the bands reformation, but with the state of the music business as it is and with decent record deals being so difficult to procure, the band were really left with no other option than to split. It is hoped that the new tracks the band have recorded will be available for digital download in the very near future. - Official Announcement!

Pryor to the official announcement that went out to fans on the 19th May 2007 Scott and Abz had already started their solo carreers. Scott had already recorded tracks for his solo album.