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SEAN KIERAN CONLON (Former Five Member)

born: 20 May 1981, Leeds, England
Sean Kieran Conlon was born to Kate and Dennis Conlon in the northern factory town of Leeds. His parents parted when he was young. His mixed racial heritage brought him some trouble, but it never got in his way. Sean was singing by the age of 4, not really a surprise in his musical family. He had dreams of being in the music business, but also of playing rugby (football, in England). Sean was an excellent footballer and could probably have made a career at it, but knew that his singing would suffer if he lost his teeth ...a common occurrence among ruggers. So, he concentrated on his music. He had his first recording session by age 11 and at age 13, won the prestigious Yamaha Young Composers competition, getting to perform on stage in London in front of Andrew Lloyd Weber and Elton John. He was then enrolled in a performing arts school. Encouraged by his Mom, Sean auditioned for FIVE ...he was the youngest, only 15 at the time (and underage for the auditions!) and he had to have a school tutor when he first joined the group, though that didn't last long...

zodiac sign: Taurus
parents: Kate & Dennis Conlon (Divorced) sisters: Katrina & Charlotte brothers: Dominic & 1/2 brother John
height: 6'0" eyes: brown hair: black chest size: 42 shoe size: 9 instrument: piano/keyboards
favorites: color... blue & dark green. drink ...water, Pepsi, lager. food ... everything especially pasta. hobbies ... writing music, partying, playing piano, rugby league music... soul, R&B
dislikes: egotistical people, being noticed in public
his five-word description of himself: relaxed, genuine, musical, sincere, deep
our five word description: mature, relaxed, stubborn, darkly funny, truthful
while traveling: watches movies, listens to music
general info: lives near London. Is just learning how to drive a car. Has a little mixing studio in his house. Used to date one of the ex- Five dancers, Suzanne Mole. Currently persuing a solo carreer.