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born: 22 November 1979, Basildon/Essex, England
Scott James Tim Robinson was born in the town of Basildon, Essex just east of London. He started singing around the age of 5 along with his two sisters. Scott loved to act and act-up. He tried to be in every play and was considered the class clown. Scott's long, floppy hair, parted in the middle, earned him the nickname 'Curtains'. He had trouble with grades in school and didn't learn until later that he had a serious case of dyslexia, which made reading almost impossible for him. It also kept his confidence level low and made him something of a troublemaker. He hung around with some tough kids. However, Scott's performing skills landed him in the famous Sylvia Young stage school at age 11 and he auditioned and won many roles in TV and commercials. He appeared in a lead role in the National Youth Theatre production of "Whistle Down The Wind". Scott became quite a fan of the current form of ballad pop music. For someone so brash, it's surprising that his skill at singing 'love songs' won him a place in FIVE at age 17. He almost didn't make the audition as he was sick that day. 6 months after Five began, Scott met the love of his life, Kerry Oaker, a hometown girl that he & his family had known for years. They were married on 28 September, 2001... the day after Five announced they were ending. All the lads attended...

zodiac sign: Sagittarius (cusp)
parents: Sue & Mick Robinson sisters: Nicola & Hayley. [Neices: Robyn, Frankie and Nephew Cody (Hayleys kids) and nephews: Ty and Carter (Nicola's kids)] wife: Kerry Oaker (15 June 1983) sons: Brennan Rhys (11th July 2001) & Kavan Reeve (13th September 2006) daughters: Bobbi-Rayne (17th Jan 2014) & Kaydi-Rose (17th Jan 2014)
height: 5'11" eyes: blue hair: dark brown chest size: 42 shoe size: 9
favorites: color... blue, black - drink ... Pepsi, beer - food ... plain pizza, burgers with fries on top, steak, potatoes, beans, candy - hobbies ... watching sports & TV, writing music, working around the house, computers - music ... pop
dislikes: vegetables, messy hair, not getting enough sleep, rude people
his five-word description of himself: hyperactive, strange, sensitive, funny, happy
our five word description: crazy, charming, temperamental, friendly, old-fashioned
while traveling: he sleeps and talks on the phone
general info: lives in a big house east of London in Pitsea, West Essex with his wife KERRY OAKER and sons BRENNAN RHYS & KAVAN REEVE and twin daughters Bobbi-Rayne & Kaydi-Rose. Scott had a collie mix dog named Chandler (sadly passed away) but now has a dog named Safia. Scott [along with EQUAL partner Chris Brooks] has his own management company called Killer Media and also co owns a store that sells autographed memorabilia called Celebrity Scribbles.