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born: 23 August 1979, Solihull/Birmingham, England
Richard Neville Dobson was born in the large industrial city of Birmingham to Kim and Peter Dobson. His parents divorced when he was 2 and it was hard for everyone, but Rich found a good father-figure later in his step-dad Derek. Both his parents had been singers and an uncle was a member of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, so it was no surprise when Rich practically came out of the womb singing. He was in the church choir at 4 and would sing and act-out with his friends. His mom ran a pub and sacrificed to put Rich in an exclusive private school, Bromsgrove ...leading to the refined manners and dress that would later earn him the nickname 'Posh'. Rich was also a member of the Army Cadets (like ROTC). His dyslexia (a reading disorder) had been discovered early and he learned how to overcome it and become a passable student. At 16, Rich was accepted into The National Youth Theatre and had the lead in Romeo and Juliet...which he still quotes from to this day. Rich entered a 'grunge' period, identifying with the band Pearl Jam, singing with a local group called 'Anal Beard', and wearing the over-sized baggy clothes and hair to match. Finally, the lure of the stage brought him to London, stage school and his life-changing audition for Five. He was 17.

zodiac sign: Leo
parents: Kim Round & Peter Dobson (div), Derek Dolphine (step-dad)... sister: Tracey (nephew-Robert) brother: David
ex-wife: Emily Scott (Australian underwear model) [birthday 1983] Married 23rd October 2009. Were only married for 4 months.
height: 5'9" eyes: lt. blue hair: brown chest size: 38/40 shoe size: 9 instrument: guitar
favorites: color ... blue - drink ... coke, tea with 2 sugars, champagne - food ... Chinese, KFC chicken breast, chocolate - hobbies ... ladies, music, acting, reading - music...rock & pop
dislikes: big-headed people, heights and spiders
his five-word description of himself: sensitive, thoughtful, single, happy, creative
our five word description: emotional, introspective, hyper, sensitive, kind
while traveling: he daydreams, reads, does puzzle books, sleeps
general info: Lives in Syndney Australia. Moved to Sydney after he married swimsuit/lingerie model Emily Scott in 23rd oct 2008. Seperated 4 months later. His Mom Kim has sold her pub and plans on being Rich's personal assistant/manager. Ritchie was raised as a Catholic.