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born: 13 June 1976, Aldershot, England
Jason Paul Brown was born into a wandering, Army family in Aldershot, a large military complex south of London. Father Justin and mother Marilyn had a lot on their hands with the daredevil boy. Luckily, his older sister Donna came to the rescue a few times, even grabbing little Jason off the railing of a 3rd floor balcony! The family traveled the world...living in England, Germany and Canada...before finally settling down in Warrington (near Manchester). Jason had been singing "since he could remember" and as a teenager, prowled the dance/club scene in the nearby metropolis of Manchester. J did fairly well in school and even took a few college level classes. The new sounds of hip-hop and rap really appealed to J though, and he put his singing skills to work as a DJ/rapper in the band 'Prophets of Da Funk', but without much success. He also got heavily into body-building and built himself up to an imposing 210 lbs of muscle. Knowing that he had to leave Warrington to have a chance, J moved to London to make the audition rounds. He thought little of "boybands", but decided to try out for Five anyway. Fortunately, his edge, powerful voice, and funky style made him a natural for the group. He was almost 21...

zodiac sign: Gemini
parents: Justin & Marilyn Brown ... sister: Donna (nephew-Kyle)
height: 5'10" eyes: grey blue hair: red- brown chest size: 42 shoe size: 10 instrument: keyboards, drums
favorites: color ...black, cream, white - drink ...iced tea, coke, Jack Daniels (whiskey) - food ...everything especially Chinese & Italian - hobbies ...movies, producing songs, reading & the outdoors - music...rap/hip-hop/classical/anything
dislikes: taxis, driving around London, untidiness, photo shoots, arrogant people
his five-word description of himself: loyal, extreme, generous, moody, funny
our five word description: daring, determined, intense, funny, independent
while traveling: he watches movies, listens to music, reads
general info: J lives in country side Wales (Herefordshire). J is part Jamaican (his dad was born in England but his family is from Kingston). J traded his sports car in for a Land Rover after moving to rural Wales and was even once given a motorcycle as part of the Five tour.