Member Bio's: Richard 'Abs' Breen : Scott Robinson : Jason 'J' Brown : Richard Neville : Sean Conlon


born: 29 June 1979, Enfield/London, England
Richard Abidin Breen was born to a Turkish father and Irish mother in the tough, working-class Hackney section of London. His dad, a musician & mechanic, left when he was young and mom Kay raised the boy herself, sending him to a Catholic school since it was the best in the area where they lived. At an early age, he was singing, imitating and playing pretend ....Kay would make Abs fancy costumes. He especially loved being Michael Jackson and even wrote him a 10 page letter once. At 8, he had a little band with his cousin. Recognizing his talent, he was accepted into the Italia Conti stage school and started auditioning in London by age 15. At this time, Abs reconciled with his father, who lived nearby, and began helping out in the automotive garage his dad owned and learned to speak Turkish. He spent his spare time listening to the underground sounds of London and learning to DJ & rap. Abs had taken ballet lessons (loved the girls) and was naturally graceful. His all-around talents made him a natural for FIVE. Since Richard Neville had no catchy nickname, it was decided that Richard Breen would use his own "Abs", a short form of his middle name, to distinguish the two apart. Abs was 17 when he joined Five.

zodiac sign: Cancer
parents: Katherine (Kay) McDaid Breen & Turan Sanveren ... no siblings but lots of cousins!
height: 5'8" eyes: brown hair: black/brown chest size: 38/40 shoe size: 9 1/2 instrument: keyboards, drums
favorites: color - black, yellow ... drink - water, oj ... food - anything, Mum's shepherd pie, kebabs ... hobbies - DJ'ing, clubbing, computers, family, films, fishing ... music - rap, garage, hip-hop, jungle
dislikes: drugs, fake people, photo shoots, waiting for anything, bigots/racists, bugs
his five-word description of himself: mad, hyperactive, quiet, moody, romantic
our five word description: romantic, energetic, cheeky, generous, graceful
while traveling: he reads and talks, listens to music, plays on his computer, plays video games
general info: lives on a farm in the Lincolnshire countryside, has a sports car and motorcycle, a house full of electronic gadgets & DJ-ing equipment. Occasionally DJ's professionally at clubs and parties around London. Abs was raised as a Catholic.